Autumn Colours

Autumn colours

In so many ways, autumn is the most beautiful seasons. The colours are a wild and vivid protest against the shifting to the barren greys and muted colours of winter in temperate climates. Thankfully, the past few days here on the Canadian prairies has warmed up to make being clothing free outdoors very pleasant.

All the garden ornaments have been taken in for the coming winter with the exception of bird baths and fountains. Birds are making good use of these due to the extended drought. It is dusty and there are no puddles to be found, nor water in most of the dust bowls that used to hold ponds.

following a dusty trail on the prairie

Yesterday, I got out for a three mile hike on the prairies, a free-hike. Earlier in the day, I had walked seven miles with my wife, a walk while it was cooler where we both wore shorts. The plan for today is to go out again for another hike while the wind is down, the temperature is up, and the sun is out.

Tomorrow, it is supposed to rain. If it does rain, it will mean an unscheduled day off as the dust would too easily turn into mud. Rather than moan about a lost opportunity to walk the prairie wearing nothing but hiking footwear and a cap, I will be celebrating, hoping for the streets in town to have the potholes filled and the gutters running. We need the moisture.

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