It’s Getting Too Cold To Be Outside Nude

Early morning in the back lane.

It is chilly this morning here on the Canadian prairies. As usual, I got up early, perhaps too early as the world was wrapped in darkness. It wasn’t until almost seven-thirty before there was enough light outside for me to take a decent photo. It was only 4 Celsius with a breeze that made it feel like only 1 degree. By week’s end, mornings will become consistently below zero.

It has been two weeks since my last post here. To say that I have been busy is an understatement. Today marks day 15 of my participation on Medium with my posts there now earning money. I write something for that platform every day. I encourage you to visit my page there. It doesn’t cost any money to get a membership to read. However, for $5 a month you get to read anything and everything behind the paywall. I hope you read my poetry and stories that are being published, and click on the clapping hands [please clap to reach the 50 mark as that will help me earn money]. Other naturist writers are putting up posts there as well including Dan Carlson the Meandering Naturist.

First, I can now announce that my second kid’s literature novel Space Cadet Academy 2, is published and available for sale at Amazon. The cover art was done by my friend, Fabien Barabé. I guess you could call it a chapter book for middle grades, but that would miss the fact that the story is not really age limited. Still, if you have any children or grandchildren that love books, I encourage you to get the first two books in the Space Cadet Academy series. I will be beginning to write book three in two weeks time for my National Novel Writing Month project.

Editing work is continuing with my upcoming novel, Nightshade Publishing Company. This novel is a naturist novel that focuses on the what can go wrong when one’s workplace becomes aware of one’s private life as a naturist. I won’t say more than that for now.

What else is in my future plans? More writing, going to dances with my wife, going for long country walks wearing clothes, working on committees with the Canadian Author Association, and attending the occasional live theatre productions that come to a city near me.

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