Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Month: September 2017

Time Well Spent

Lake Diefenbaker

Two days ago, I went down to the Landing in the late afternoon and got a few photos such as this one, of me standing on a log at the edge of Diefenbaker Lake. I got to wander along the shore of the lake, far from any late fall traffic. It was quite cool out, however that didn’t stop me from being at one with nature.

Today was all about Saskatoon’s Word on the Street, a book event that was held on Broadway. I had managed to have Turning the Tide, a small book store in the city, let me be one of their featured authors. I sold books in their stall for two hours. I was pleased that I had sold 12 books in two hours, the only books I have sold through Turning the Tide.

Then, I volunteered at the Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild booth as a member of the group. So far, this has been my only involvement with the SWG since I joined it years ago.

Road Trip To Sell Books

Bathroom renovations before leaving home

I am away from home, and at present, sitting in a Tim Horton’s coffee shop for a simple, fast-food breakfast while waiting for the nearby Chapters book store to be ready for my book-signing event. This is my third such event in Calgary in three days.

Friday I drove from my home in Saskatchewan, to Calgary. I left in darkness as it was a five and a half hour drive across the prairies to reach the first Chapters bookstore. I stopped a few times, once for gas and coffee, and once to get a photo of the rising sun.

Once in the store at the beginning of the final long week-end of the summer, I sold sixteen books. I exceeded my expectations and that of the store itself which predicted somewhere between five and ten books might be sold because it was a warm, sunny day and few shoppers were expected. Once the event ended, I drove to a room I had rented in a private home. Yesterday, I went to a second store with a sale of fourteen books during a day with significantly less customer traffic.

No internet at the house meant that I maintained a curious silence that was filled with listening to music, a bit of writing on the third novel, and finally trying to catch up on sleep. Tonight I drive on to Red Deer where I will stay with my son and his family. Tomorrow I drive to Edmonton for the final book-signing event for the long week-end, returning to stay at my son’s for the week. Somewhere along the way, I will find my way back here.

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