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Christmas Day and Family and the Yuletide

I’m in Red Deer, Alberta visiting at my son’s home. He is our youngest and is father to our three youngest grandchildren. We arrived yesterday afternoon, much to the joy of the grandchildren while our son was still at work. … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice – The Beginnings of Hope

I woke up, as usual, in the dark. At most times of the year, it would already be daylight at the same time of day, here on the Canadian prairies. Since today is the official day for the Winter Solstice, … Continue reading

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Body Acceptance – Self and Others – It’s a Complexed Situation

Well, yesterday’s post caused a shift in reader response, both here and on other Social Media platforms. Generally, the response was very positive. One response, however, was challenging. It happens when an idea challenges one’s belief system. Why do we … Continue reading

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The Issue of Body Hair and Naturism

I once again find myself writing here, wondering at the same time, why do I do this? Why do I write a blog post, especially on a site that is really not one that has a significant readership? Why do … Continue reading

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The Naked Pause Between One Visit and the Next

It’s cold outside. I mean, it is very cold outside. Think of -17 Celsius with a brisk breeze that makes it feel like -27 and you get a good idea of what cold looks like. Naturally, aside from going to … Continue reading

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It is the Way it is

It’s a good day. This morning has been busy, beginning with a six kilometre walk in the countryside with my wife. Of course, we both wore winter clothing as it is winter on the Canadian prairies. Back at home following … Continue reading

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It’s Official – This is My New Naturist Home

The past few days has seen my Naturist Lens site experience what seemed to be a non-ending stream of problems. It was because of the problems which resulted in posts disappearing forever into cyberspace, that I decided to create this … Continue reading

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New Cyber Home

December 1st – This has always been a special day for me. There is something about this day, especially in the past few years, that has caused it to stand out even more. First, For the past forty plus years, … Continue reading

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