Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Month: March 2019

Earthquake Ecuador

It was a night with very little sleep. After only a few hours of sleep, the bed started to shake as if it was a prop for the Exorcist movie. For a brief moment I thought I might have been dreaming and that the bed would fly off as if a magic carpet. Earthquake!

A few minutes later, a second earthquake. And then twenty minutes after that, a third earthquake. By that time, my wife and I noticed that the traffic had gone from fishing village sleepy to on high octane. People were outside, some running, most just standing around … waiting. We soon made our way outside to wait. The loudspeakers came to life as the mayor addressed the community. Apparently, the threat of a tsunami was dismissed. You could feel the relief in the air though no one was in a rush to head back to bed. About a half hour later, we returned to our casa and went back to bed. Eventually, sleep did come.

We stayed safe. Mother nature had decided it wasn’t our time yet. We slept in until 7 this morning. Yes, that is sleeping in for me. Then, it was time for coffee to be drunk on our upper balcony, my outdoor place where being nude doesn’t intrude upon others who don’t expect the challenge of nudity while on vacation, or by villagers who are conservative and catholic here in Ecuador. After breakfast, around 9:30, we got ready to go out for our daily beach walk. It was sunny and the tour busses had been rolling in for more than two hours. Now, it’s just another Sunday in Olon, Ecuador.

A Few Naked Reflections

It has been almost three weeks since my last entry. For some reason, I found myself locked out of my website by WordPress. I wonder what that was all about? Regardless, the door is open after so many attempts, so I will take advantage of it and post while I can. So what’s new? I have finished all of my tasks regarding editing and rewriting. The new book is now published and is already selling eBook copies. March is proving to be a very good month with more than $60 worth or royalties to be paid out. I will not be doing any writing or editing until I am back in my office in Canada.

That said, I am doing some work in the background to enable better marketing on my part. Naturally, that means I am already contacting book stores about future signing events. I hope to get two such events planned for April, and hopefully three or four for May. With any luck, another six events will be scheduled for June. I will take July through mid-October off. The summer is a poor time for sales in bookstores. And, since I will be in Europe for six weeks beginning in September, I have no ability to sell books. After all, while touring, I will be carrying everything on my back in my trusty 40 litre backpack. Therefore, the focus will have to be on the eBook market. But enough of that for now. Time to shift topics.

My naturist activities will soon be reduced to indoors with central heating turned on. No more being on the deck while nude when I am at home in Canada. April is not exactly outdoor naturist season in Canada. It will be necessary to acclimatise after these past three months in the tropics of Ecuador. Hopefully, I won’t lose my colour while waiting for warmth and sunshine on the prairies. However, I till take what I get as there is no point in having any other attitude. C’est la vie. I am fortunate enough to have a home with central heating, and an electric space heater as well. Now, with these words written, I hope that I will return again, soon. Until then, take care and be well.

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