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Naturists as Outliers and Deviants in a Good Sense

Naturism is a deviant practice in reference to the modern world in which I and many other naturists find ourselves. When I say deviant, I am not declaring that naturism is a state of immorality or evilness. Rather, I am … Continue reading

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Naked Therapy – Falling Apart and Being Put Back Together

It’s summer, yet somehow I woke up to a temperature of 4 Celsius outside. I woke early as is normal. By 8:45 the temperature had soared to 10 C, warm enough to be outside to capture a bit of sunshine … Continue reading

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Owning Body, Mind, and Soul

There is a real need to take ownership back: ownership of one’s body, mind and soul. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what other people think or say. One’s well-being ultimately falls to what we think and say and … Continue reading

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Naked, Authentic, and at Peace with Oneself

As I sit here this morning wondering what I will write about, with too many ideas racing though my head, I turned to a collection of images that are resting on my desktop. I was struck by the openness and … Continue reading

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