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Month: October 2015

Saying Goodbye to Costa Natura

As the week drew to an end, we made the decision to stay one more week. My wife’s foot was still to sore to enjoy being tourists. Other than the trip to Estepona and across the street to either of the two decent grocery stores, all of my time has been spent nude at Costa Natura. My wife has ahad more nude time than I have during the past ten days as I did the grocery shopping and the trip to Estepona in order to buy plane tickets to Paris.

We have walked the beach while nude a few times, read by the pool, watched as other couples played pétanque, swam almost everyday, and used the hot tub at least two or three times a day. Near the end of our stay, we found out that one of our neighbours was a relatively famous opera singer from Canada. He was often in the hot tub when we were there. Tomorrow, we go to Málaga.

Costa Natura, Spain

In front of our condo at Costa Natura

We have finished walking the Camino de Santiago del Compostela, an 800 kilometre trek across northern Spain. It took us forty days of hiking to complete.

We are in Costa Natura in the south of Spain near Málaga. It’s a naturist condo community more than a resort. We decided not to walk the final stage past Santiago to reach Finisterre as my wife’s foot was hurting bad. And to admit it, my foot was hurting as well. We booked a condo for a week to see if we will be able to still do some more sightseeing in other parts of Spain before we fly home to Canada.

I was surprised when she agreed to spend a week here. There is no question that this is a luxury upgrade from Green Haven. The condo is bright and surrounded by flowering plant life. She wasted no time in shedding her clothes and taking advantage of the large hot tub near the swimming pool. As in the past, no one would have ever guessed that she wasn’t a nudist/naturist considering the ease at which she exhibited as she walked clothing free in the public spaces. Something tells me that this is going to be a treasured memory.

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