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Month: May 2019

Hiking in the City

It’s a waiting game as my surgery is finally set for Thursday, June 6th. It appears that my blood pressure is up. I go for a pre-op appointment on Monday afternoon. Needless to say, I am working on bringing the BP down a bit as I will be having the hernia repair done under local anaesthetic. Part of my strategy for bringing the BP down is to reduce my coffee intake to two cups of coffee or less per day, and to increase my walking distances and/or walking speed. Once I have the operation, it will be a few days before I can again walk with some level of comfort.

Yesterday, I travelled again to Red Deer with my wife to visit our son, watch the grandson play ball, and wait for the newest grandchild to appear … we’re still waiting as I write this. Now, since we are in a city, the walking will, of necessity, be done clothed. The city has a great pathway system which allowed me to push myself. As you can see from the image, I upped my pace to just over 10 minutes per kilometre. The red line on the right marks the path on the outside edge of the city with farm fields bordering the walking path. The little blue star indicates a path through a small wooded area.

One of the things I have failed to mention in the past few posts, is the fact that I am using a Garmin watch which gathers GPS data for my hikes. I am putting it to the test as I learn the various features of the watch. Since we will be hiking a lot in Europe this autumn, I want to know enough to help me better track distances and stops for photos.

Another Free-Hike

As with the past few days, I again went out for a second walk which was done clothing-free. Again, I drove out to the pullout at the end of a lightly gravelled country road which then turns into a dusty, dirt trail used by an occasional farmer doing the work of seeding, spraying, and crop-checking. The crop is now in the ground and the farmer won’t be back for a while until it is time to spray post-emergent herbicides. Yes, I am getting a handle on farming lingo.

It was later in the day than I had wanted to leave for this adventure. The delay was caused by a need to be at home to get three bales of clean straw for our garden – the straw is shredded by the lawn mower, then spread over the garden to keep valuable moisture in place. Summers on the prairies are typically hot and dry. Finally, the bales were delivered and I was able to leave. Once the truck was parked, I slipped off the shorts I had been wearing and proceeded to head out to enjoy the sunshine.

At the 1.6 km mark, I set the backpack with my meditation pillow and blanket on the rock which I have chosen as my afternoon meditation location, weather permitting. Then, I continued on to reach the “end of the trail” so to speak at two and a half kilometres, marked with a sign that signals that the road I had just walked was closed. Since there was no farm or town or connecting road, the road I had followed wasn’t really a road at all. I did have to walk along following tractor tire marks through a newly seeded crop. This was the end of the trail the last time I walked while nude. However, today I wanted to go further.

Once passed a gate that was open [no cattle running wild in the pasture and hay field] I followed a barely discernible track through the field. Another opened gate had me continue walking further, inviting me to see more. And more I did see such as a young Mule Deer buck who looked at me, walked a few steps, then continued to munch on the grass as if I wasn’t there. At a third gate, which was also open, I stopped to look at some yellow flowers, buffalo bean flowers if I am not mistaken. I could have kept on going, but it was getting late in the afternoon, so I began the walk back to my truck, taking a different trail along the edge of the field, closer to the shallow lake. In the end, I walked just over 7 kilometres completely free, for the second hike of the day. Next week I am hoping to tackle the hills on the south side of the valley, extending my distance.

My next post is on Saturday and it will feature Donna and her husband John, two members of BN.

Another Day of Hiking and Free-Hiking

As is my practice when it is cool outside, I sit in my office to meditate. This morning was an indoor meditation even though the sun was out. Then, it was time for breakfast. With the morning meal out of the way, we got ready for our daily countryside hiking. We began the walk wearing wind jackets because of the cool northern breeze. By the 3 kilometre mark, the jackets were ditched, tossed onto the side of the road to be picked up on our way back home.

We walked longer than our planned 10 KM hike, going an extra two kilometres as it was so beautiful out. As we walked, three Pronghorn antelope crossed the road in front of us before stopping to stare. Seeing no threat, they decided to slowly meander as they fed. We often see deer and antelope on our walks here on the prairies. On the return, we decided against picking up the jackets as it was hot out. The plan was for me to return with the truck and pick them up. It was a plan I readily accepted. I had a plan.

After lunch, I drove to pick up the jackets and kept driving until I had reached a point about 800 metres further than we had walked in the morning. It was the place I usually parked when I wanted to walk the prairie hills, free-hiking. Of course that means hiking without my shorts on. My destination was to find a place for a second meditation, one that would be in full sunlight. I carried a small backpack with blanket and pillow for my meditation, as well as my shorts in case I came across a rare farmer or oilfield worker.

About a kilometre and a half into my naturist hike, I found the perfect location for meditation. From my seat on the table-sized stone, I could see a distant lake, as well as the prairie hills. I set my meditation time on the tablet and was able to slip into the best meditation that I’ve had in a long time. The time slipped by without my head creating too much chatter. I knew I would be returning to this stone many times during the summer.

And then, with meditation done. I continued to walk down the dirt trail as I wanted to measure the distance to my turn around point, a sign that proclaims, “Road Closed.” The walk back to the truck was a bit more brisk that the first half. The final distance five kilometres, or in different measuring terms – thirty minutes of sunshine, both back and front. Bliss!

It’s a Time For Waiting

It’s a bit of a gloomy morning with the sun not making an appearance through the clouds. As a result, my time outside this morning close to non-existent. One benefit of this kind of weather is more time spent indoors writing. It has been a while since I last posted here, so I made it a point to put up a new post just to let all know that all is well.

As the blog title says, I am busy waiting. Grandchild number eight will arrive within the next five or six days. We have agreed to be at my son’s home to help take care of the other two grandchildren as life begins to adjust to a third child in the house. This is a pleasant kind of waiting. In addition to waiting on another grandson, I am waiting for an upcoming minor surgery to correct an abdominal hernia, something that needs to be addressed before the end of June in my opinion. Since we are heading to Europe for six weeks in the autumn, I want to be in great shape for walking and touring while carrying my backpack.

Regardless of the weather, we go out for a walk almost every day. Of course, I wear clothes as we walk along country roads that are busy with passing tractors and half-ton trucks. We walk between 5 and 10 kilometres for these walks.

And, of course, I am working on editing and writing two different books at the moment. With that said, it is time to post this and get busy building the two new posts for the coming week. Adieu.

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