Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Month: August 2016

Early Morning Fog

Early morning fog

It was foggy when we woke up this morning, a result of too much rain for too many weeks. This is typically dry prairie with about seven inches of rain up to this point in the year. So far we are somewhere around twenty inches of rain with some disastrous results for some crops that require less moisture and more heat.

But this isn’t about the weather, but about how we often find ourselves in our own seasons of fog. It seems that after a period of clarity and awareness, we get visited by ghostly shadows which remind us that we are far from being fully aware of very much at all. All I have to do is judge how I respond to the retreat of sunshine behind clouds and then being embraced by the clammy-feeling fog. There is a sensation that there are things out there that surround me that I have absolutely no knowledge of, dark and damp things, stuff from the personal and collective unconscious.

Being the Authority For Self

Nectar for the hummingbirds

A different photo that almost hides my face yet is blatant in exposing the fact that I am a man. I hesitated for quite a while before accepting the photo for use here. I was excited about the return of the sun and taking care of the things in our yard that have been neglected. I even cut the lawn though it wasn’t too long just in case of another rainstorm deciding to make an appearance. A low-level of standing water in the northeast corner of our garden made mowing more difficult than normal but I would have to wait for several more days with total sunshine before it had any chance of drying up. Of course, the lawn was mowed while I was skyclad.

Now, I have to wonder why I chose to use this photo rather than a cropped one, or even why the photo was taken. Of course, for the most part, the photo was taken on impulse to become part of my skyclad journal which like most journals, is filled with the trivia of daily living. The photos are an integral part of that journal. It was only after, a few hours later, that the idea for bringing the photo here made its appearance into my consciousness. Of course, I asked myself “why?” and that becomes the raison d’etre of this blog post.

The photo is a reminder that I am my own authority. Though I don’t usually post genital images, it is valid to do so to remind myself about who is really in charge. Being in charge doesn’t mean always posting full-frontal images. To always do so can be a sign that the shadow is in charge, and not the conscious ego. It’s not so easy to differentiate and it is important to make note of that fact consciously.

With that said, it’s time to return to the sunshine.

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