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Finding Joy in Mundane Tasks

The sun is out and there are hopes that it will climb into double digits today. Regardless, there are chores that need doing in our back yard and I am loathe to put on clothing if not 100% necessary. Cleaning … Continue reading

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The Wayback Machine

It’s -2 Celsius with a feels like temperature of -7 because of wind. The rain water in the blue barrel is full and has frozen. I adapted and hooked on a different spout to move rain water into an alternate … Continue reading

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Feeling Warm Despite the Weather

Yesterday, it was more like early spring with the temperature climbing to 8° Celsius by the afternoon. This morning, the wind is howling at 50+ km/hr winds out of the north and snow is falling. It’s a good day to … Continue reading

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The Enchanted Mirror

Mirrors. Do they tell us the truth? We all look in the mirror, some of us more than others. We have all sorts of reasons to look in the mirror, at least I do. The mundane reasons I find for … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday Pancakes

Well, I didn’t go for a free-hike as I had hoped though I did manage a bit of clothing-free time before turning back for the return half of my 8 kilometre hike yesterday. The sun never did break through the … Continue reading

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Active Imagination and Nude Art

Lanie has once again given me permission to build a post around one of her images, this one taken by John Duder. Lanie is a model in the UK for those that don’t know her. When I look at the … Continue reading

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Gathering Past and Present Posts

Years and years ago, I had a blog site called Naturist Lens. Since then, I have switched platforms several times which resulted in losing subscribers to my posts. I have been using for them. However, because of the inability … Continue reading

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A Conflict of Worldviews

Okay, so today’s topic takes me back to a conversation I once had with a writer friend who has written more than 50 books, many of them being naturist fiction. While my wife and I sat with him somewhere in … Continue reading

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Passing Thoughts About Images

As I mentioned in my first post, I live in a northern, temperate climate. Since it is April, early April, there is no guarantee that there won’t be snow. We had snow last night and there is more such moisture … Continue reading

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