Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Month: November 2012

Early Morning Musings

Waiting for dawn

I was up very early this morning. When my wife goes to work for the early shift, we get up around five. We then have coffee while sitting on our loveseat which has a view that looks out the window. By the time she leaves, it still isn’t light out and it will only get darker, longer until the winter solstice which is just about a month away.

I have always been a morning person so I don’t mind getting up early. At this time of day, I am the owner of the Earth and no one tries to dispute that fact. However, today I noticed a hint of sadness within me. Since I am paying better attention to my body, I didn’t stay in this mood very long. I have a writing project in process.

I am putting together a series of posts that paint a picture of my aborted Camino, the time I spent walking in France. I kept a journal of my walk wherein I disclose the depths of my feelings which were twinned with quotations from a couple of books that I carried along with me. My Jungian psychology posts are paused. I am avoiding “depth” in favour of being present in the world.

The Challenge of Winter

Fire inside and snow outside

It’s Remembrance Day and it snowed again last night. I’m not sure why I wanted to go out into the snow without my clothing. I really wasn’t all that warm, so I didn’t stay out there very long. Well, maybe I do know why. This whole idea about being fully present in life has a lot to do with the senses.

When it comes to my typology, Sensation is my weakest function. Opposed to Sensation is Intuition the strongest of my functions. If I am to become better balanced in life, I need to work on developing my sensate function. I am trying to listen attentively and speak only after considering the choice of words. Listening is a bit of a problem as I have a hearing disability that requires me to use hearing aids. I bought them a few years about but often forget to put them in. Since I have been home from France, I am using them every day. It is making a difference.

Being outside in the cold while nude is a brutal way of having me actually feel my body rather than think about my body in the abstract, if I even think about it at all. Seeing this image taken after morning coffee, I can tell just how much work this is. It isn’t the same as roasting in sunlight when I zone out.

A Return to Music

Music for the heart and soul

Last night was Hallowe’en and we had about thirty-five young people come to get treats. Giving out treats is my task. We had enough stuff for at least a hundred and fifty kids, so I ended up giving more that I would usually give. Why did I buy so much when the past numbers of treaters was always similar? Perhaps it was my hopeful mood. I am better and it shows to my wife, our neighbours and our children and grandchildren.

While I was in Calgary, I bought a new guitar. I have somehow let my playing slip and almost disappear over the past few years. The urge to play music has returned and I am glad that I have spent the money for this guitar. I have given my old guitar to my third grandson who has an interest. The older two grandsons are all about hockey and that is all good.

One of the things I have noticed since my return from France, is a distancing from Jungian psychology. I just want to be fully present in my life here on the Canadian prairies, albeit with a preference to be present without my clothing.

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