A bit of rain must fall

I think we have entered the rainy season. The forecast for most of February is for overcast skies and periodic rain showers on an almost daily basis. I had been aware of this possibility, but the reality is different than my expectations.  It isn’t cold outside with the temperatures slowly moving from 22 to 26 degrees Celsius each day. It’s a good thing that the casa is large. With two storeys, there is a lot of space so that we don’t get on each other’s nerves too much.

As long as I don’t do anything foolish such as making my nudity a public event, and I restrict my nudity to the upper balcony, away from the railing that overlooks the main yard which we share with two condos, all is well. Of course, I don’t exactly do as I am told as the photo proves. If anyone from either condo looked out their windows, I would have easily been seen. So why do I take these needless risks? It’s a question that at present doesn’t have an answer. It’s a situation many naturists who have a partner who isn’t a naturist has to deal with on a constant basis. But that isn’t the reason for today’s post.

For me, when the weather gets like this, I slip into a deeper level of reflection, one that looks to possible futures. Where do I see myself in the future? Just the simple fact that I will be returning to Canada in another six weeks has me questioning how that will work out in terms of my penchant for being out of my clothing. I mean, it will still be winter on the prairies. Realising the futility in heading down this trail of thinking, I turn again to the re-write of my third book in the “Broken Road” series.

The book is now into chapter six with slightly more than 14,000 words captured. I already know that the new version is light years better than the original book which was more of a clinical document than a story. The characters from book two reappear and it is beginning to sound and feel like a novel that has depth, without being a book filled with quotations and footnotes. This weather is the best gift I could be given at this time as it encourages me to stay on task.