Robert G. Longpré

Welcome to my new home in cyberspace. In my face to face world I have an office space in my home which gets good use even though I am officially retired. I have a professional background in educational administration, educational psychology (counselling), writing, photography and music.

More importantly, at least for me, I have somehow managed to stay married to a woman I proposed to only hours after we met in the late summer of 1970. We have been together more than fifty years and have three children and eight grandchildren.

My interest in psychology began while I was a high school student and my interest and involvement in naturism began a few years before that while I was in middle school, the same time as I got my first guitar and learned how to play easy rock music in the 1960s. My interest and involvement in meditation which was first piqued in the 1960s eventually led me to Buddhism which has helped form my current life and give it some balance, especially when the world got too busy for me.

I haven’t lost the passion for psychology, naturism, meditation or music. I have periodically abandoned one or the other along the way only to have whoever is guiding my path forward steer me back onto the way that seems to be my destiny. In all honesty, I’d rather be content with a life that had no controversy or conflict that grew out of my way of being in the world – a happy carrot as it has been described somewhere in the past by some wise guru or shaman or perhaps politician who wanted others to be satisfied with nothing making it easier to abscond with all the available wealth.

What else? I am a writer of books and blog posts. And yes, my photo shows me with my clothes on, a concession to the collective who believes without question that God fucked up by creating humans nude. Being created in God’s image was solved by the wisdom of those who believe they know themselves and others by having God wrapped in billowy yards of cloth with only a beard to indicate that whoever or whatever God might be, that being is a male with an angry visage that threatens eternal damnation. I guess I just let one of my triggers show. No apologies offered. This is my blog site, not yours.