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I’ve Got a Thinking Problem

Now, I know that in spite of all the years I have studied, both at university and since then, I really don’t know all that much. I am living that old expression, “the more you learn, the less you know.” … Continue reading

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Still Not Summer, Yet

Now, it isn’t that I like to complain, but the solstice has passed and the weather is acting like it is April here on the Canadian prairies. This morning, it is just 11 Celsius and it is still necessary to … Continue reading

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Day

Yes, it sounds like the beginning of a suspense novel. However, it is simply a description of the current weather. We’ve been hoping for rain for quite some time. Finally, it has arrived. With it, there has been a surprising … Continue reading

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Windy, Nude Meditation in the Garden

It was sunny this morning, very windy. In spite of the wind, I found a windbreak of sorts for my morning meditation. In addition to my usual photo, I decided to include a brief clip to show the wind and … Continue reading

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Privacy Fences – Two Sides of the Story

In the world of naturism, there is a lot of hiding from others. The average nudist or naturist club is surrounded by barriers which don’t allow passersby to see the naked people within. Often there is a locked gate with … Continue reading

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Nude Psychology and Personality

I have been thinking for a while about where this blog site is going to go next. Several years ago, I gave a presentation in Mexico about Typology as explained by Carl Gustav Jung in his book, Psychological Types, volume … Continue reading

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Nudity and Balance of the Psyche

As usual, the weather is warmish, 22 Celsius as I write this on the back deck. It is a pleasant temperature, especially with no wind to make if feel colder. The morning began with sunshine and 12 degrees, enough to … Continue reading

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In Between Moments of Sunshine

The clouds are thick today. My wife and I managed to go out for a 3 km walk this morning. For the rest of the morning, I continued working on my trip planning for the autumn. So far, Saint Malo … Continue reading

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Too Many Thoughts – Monkey Mind

This sitting around too much following surgery is frustrating. The first dressing has been replaced leaving only a small dressing over the belly-button. The stitches come out on Thursday. All indications are that all is progressing very well. I am … Continue reading

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An Update Post Surgery

Well, I survived the surgery and am beginning to heal. It was my first surgery dealing with an umbilical hernia. This was the cause of my belly button changing from an “innie” to an “outie.” Now, I can look forward … Continue reading

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