Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Month: October 2012

Adding Another Building Block of Identity

My tiny Buddhist shrine

While I was in Calgary from March through June, I ended up becoming a Buddhist. I took refuge and spent time studying dharma. Just how much of a Buddhist did I become? I have to be honest, I just don’t know. It isn’t like I have a burning desire to join a monastery or to spend hours every day in studying the philosophy. I almost think that the number of Buddhist temples we visited in Thailand last January and February may have influenced that decision. As well, I have discovered that so much about Jungian psychology and Buddhist philosophy that both have in common. It was a good fit for me.

Yet, I have a problem identifying as a Buddhist. I struggle with being pigeon-holed into one dogma. I am still self-discovering.

An Early Snowfall

Better than ever

It has been a while since I have written here, a long while. The analysis came to an end in the summer and I went to France to walk two-hundred and sixty kilometres in less than two weeks. I walked alone. I meditated at various rest stops and again in the pilgrim lodgings found en route. I had thought I would walk all the way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, but I chose to go home when my wife said she would walk the Camino with me. I had been walking alone. If you can imagine it, it was walking meditation mixed with sitting meditation for anywhere from six to eight hours a day.

Now, I am at home. My wife has decided to return to working on a casual basis. She needed something to do while I was absent from home. Now that we have spent a month together and with winter making an appearance, we have decided to spend three months in a warm climate. The plan is to spend one month in Mexico and two months in Belize. The accommodations have been rented. My hope is that this time around, winter in a tropical climate will be better than it had been in the Yucatan and Costa Rica.

I am feeling better than I have for a very long time.

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