Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Month: April 2013

Sunbathing Along a Public Beach

Coloured by the sun in Puerto Morelos

It’s our last full day in Puerto Morelos. I went to sunbathe close to Desires. My wife had shown me a few places between the shore and a barbed wire fence that had somewhat private spots where I could sunbathe without causing any issue. After all, they were close to the nudist resort where passersby got to see nude volleyball games on the beach, as well as others getting all-over tans.

By going to this spot to sunbathe, I spent less time in the studio garden while nude. It made for a good solution to the potential problem. While sunbathing here, I get to skinny dip in the sea without causing a sensation for the bathing suit passersby. That said, I check to see that no one is coming when I make my dash into the sea. Then, I make sure to stay deep enough until the coast is once again clear to return to my beach blanket.

In two days time I will wake up to cold temperatures and a landscape covered in snow. There will be no sunbathing for me for at least a month or two months back on the Canadian prairies. Until then, the only nude time I will get will be indoors, and that will be typically contained to my library-computer room. Que sera, sera!

A Surprise in the Garden

Caught in the act of nude meditation

I can’t believe it is already April. We are heading home in a few days. I am going to miss this place. This morning while I was meditating, the owner came into the back portion of the yard. She had never done this before so I was completely taken by surprise. What should I do? There was little chance that I could cover up without drawing even more attention to the fact that I was naked. And just as quick, she left once she saw me.

She returned a few minutes later and stood beside me. She had a pack of cards that she wanted to give us, cards that her mother’s paintings as images. Since we had talked to her a week earlier about returning next year, she thought that we would appreciate this gift. The portion of the house we were staying in used to be her mother’s art studio, and quite a few pieces of her art were in the studio.

Strange. I had been very careful not to have my nudity cause an issue because we liked this place. And now, the owner showed me that the nudity was not a cause for concern. I have to admit that I was worried that seeing me fully exposed would have resulted in her withdrawing the offer of staying in the studio for next year. Breathe … it’s okay.

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