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Back Home in Quarantine Naturist Style

It is Tuesday and I am finally at home. It is -5 Celsius outside, not exactly the kind of temperature that invites a person to sit outside au naturel, especially with a good breeze making the trees dance around. Still, … Continue reading

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A Naturist’s Pause in Mid Pilgrimage Home

We are in Quito. Yesterday was a unique experience as we made the ten hour drive [normally about an eight and a half hour drive] of 525 kilometres. Most of the travel is through very winding mountain roads as Quito … Continue reading

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Last Post from Olon, Ecuador

We got lucky and now have air tickets for the repatriation flight on Sunday. Tomorrow morning, Friday, we travel to Quito where Air Canada will pick us up on Sunday morning. We are making the travel to Quito early as … Continue reading

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All is Well and Clothing Optional in Our Ecuadorian Casa

As this post’s title says, we are alive and well here in our casa in Ecuador. This is not something we take for granted. We are diligent in doing our part to keep out health as good as it can … Continue reading

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COVID19 Has Shoved Its Nose into My Face

I got an email late, yesterday evening, telling me that a repatriation flight is going to leave early tomorrow morning from the Quito airport. There was a problem that quickly reared its ugly head. How do we get to Quito … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough – Go Home and Stay Home

I know, it looks like it is beautiful. And, it is very, very beautiful to be honest. Three buildings surround this green space. We are the only residents in this compound. The grounds are open to view by any passersby, … Continue reading

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How Social Isolation is Different than Social Distancing for a Naturist

This is really what it is here in Ecuador for me at this point in time. Our community is getting even stricter. Curfew has been lengthened, now beginning at 4pm until 5am. Too many foreigners in the community are still … Continue reading

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Trying To Establish New Naturist Normals

I slept well, for the most part. We both seem to snuggle closer during the night, both somehow attuned to the other. With the first hint of the night beginning to shift into day, it was time to declare that … Continue reading

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Social Isolation Just Got More Isolated for This Naturist

Well, I knew it was coming, but I really wasn’t ready for it. The Ecuadorian military has shut down all the beaches, parks, and recreational areas in the country. Everyone is to stay at home. And, they mean business. Break … Continue reading

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You Aren’t Alone We Are All in This Together – Covid-19

Yes, I am feeling frazzled. Blame it on the pandemic. Here I am in what many would call paradise, with an endless beach to walk that is almost denuded of people – sun, surf, sand – and I still find … Continue reading

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