Bathroom renovations before leaving home

I am away from home, and at present, sitting in a Tim Horton’s coffee shop for a simple, fast-food breakfast while waiting for the nearby Chapters book store to be ready for my book-signing event. This is my third such event in Calgary in three days.

Friday I drove from my home in Saskatchewan, to Calgary. I left in darkness as it was a five and a half hour drive across the prairies to reach the first Chapters bookstore. I stopped a few times, once for gas and coffee, and once to get a photo of the rising sun.

Once in the store at the beginning of the final long week-end of the summer, I sold sixteen books. I exceeded my expectations and that of the store itself which predicted somewhere between five and ten books might be sold because it was a warm, sunny day and few shoppers were expected. Once the event ended, I drove to a room I had rented in a private home. Yesterday, I went to a second store with a sale of fourteen books during a day with significantly less customer traffic.

No internet at the house meant that I maintained a curious silence that was filled with listening to music, a bit of writing on the third novel, and finally trying to catch up on sleep. Tonight I drive on to Red Deer where I will stay with my son and his family. Tomorrow I drive to Edmonton for the final book-signing event for the long week-end, returning to stay at my son’s for the week. Somewhere along the way, I will find my way back here.