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Month: April 2019

Rewilding With Joy

Rewilding with Joy

Every once in a while, here on the Naturist Lens site, I feature a guest for a blog post. Joy has in in the process of remaking herself through what she calls rewilding. Now, I need to speak about this business of rewilding. For Joy it is about a holistic re-evaluation of her life through an examination of every facet of her being.

Rewilding is a process, a journey. Not many dare to take such a journey. In Jungian psychology terms, a life event usually propels one to answer a call to discover the depths of self, to make a heroic journey of individuation. Often the call is subtle, and sometimes the call is a matter of life and death. For me, it was truly a matter of life or death. Because of others around me – my wife and children, I chose life. However, that’s just the start of something bigger.

For Joy, it was a matter of restructuring life because of a change in relationships. For both of us, it propelled us to risk changing our lives, hoping that those important to us in our lives would still be there on the other side of the process of self-discovery. Individuation is about self as individual and most often those who risk the journey through the shadowlands are seen as selfish. All that most others can see is that our retreat into the inner spaces leaves them on the sidelines rather than at the centre of our attention.

There is a difference about self-discovery with the intent of becoming a more authentic person who is better able to be in relationship to others, and being narcissistic. Most people do their best to please and care for others. Mothers are masters of this, typically sacrificing time, energy, and self-care to meet the needs of their families. As for fathers, there is often an equal selfless quality demonstrated as self-needs are buried in order to earn the living and be the parent that children need. Both men and women learn this at an early age, the role of being a caretaker, taking care of their tiny world by appeasing the powerful adults in their lives. Those who don’t learn to be selfless, are self-centred something reinforced by parents who reaffirm in so many ways that they are at the centre of the universe, little emperors and empresses – kings and queens of the universe.

Beginning the journey of individuation or rewilding is an act of changing the way one is in the world. The constant parade of choices come as a result of living an examined life and making corrections so that one’s psyche ends up pointing to the “self’s” true north. Each of us has a unique journey to make, that’s why it is called individuation. My journey began as a cerebral, spiritual journey as that was who I was. My body was basically just a container for my mind. I have to admit, that though I have learned to connect to my body, it is still an ongoing spiritual journey for the most part. As I age, I am coming to grips with my physical self, learning to honour the body. For Joy, the journey has been heavily based on her physical presence, evolving to become more and more spiritual. For both of us, meditation has been part of the journey.

The act of rewilding, just as the process of individuation requires that we constantly return to the outer world bring what we learn about ourselves to the world around us. As we change, we affect changes in others, sometime for the better, sometimes resulting in losses. Regardless, at least we end up living more honestly and authentically. Neither Joy nor myself expect or demand from others. Others have to take responsibility for themselves. Of course, if you are raising children, there is a real responsibility for men and women to honour that responsibility. Like doctors, being a parent requires that we consciously choose to do no harm. Yet as we age, we also have the responsibility to teach them about being honest and authentic by how we live and navigate in a complex world that would have us be docile and obedient. Just something for you to think about ….

In case anyone is wondering, Joy read and approved of this post before I published it.

The Journey of Being Human

I am finally settling down after a few days being back home from a visit to my son’s house for Easter. Since my return from Ecuador in early April, I have been anything but settled down. This is not new territory for me as it is always like this when we return home from our three-month winter stay in southern climes. The difference this year is that I am being gentler with myself, more open to accepting the small things that fill my hours, days, and life. In Ecuador, I stopped formal meditation. I blamed it on my left knee which began to be an issue for me last August. However, I didn’t stop meditating. Rather, I switched, unconsciously to walking meditation. Since we walked about two hours at a go almost every morning, it didn’t take long before we both disappeared into our breathing and the spaces in between. The walking meditation became a daily conscious choice that fuelled my soul.

Now that we have returned home, the walking meditation has continued. Yet, I need more. I did manage outdoor meditation once with weather conditions being friendly. However, it is still April and sitting meditation indoors is the only sensible choice to make. The truth is, it doesn’t matter when or how. It all comes down to simply taking the time to meditate.

“Remember, life consists of small things, there are no big things. Small things accumulated become big things. A single act may not look very significant either as evil or good. A single smile may not look very significant, but a single smile is part of a long process. … Do not belittle your failures, do not belittle your good acts. Each and every act is significant: If it is bad you are going to suffer; if it is good you are going to enjoy life. … Life consists of small things, and you have to transform each small thing through your awareness, watchfulness, alertness, into a beautiful act. Then, ordinary things can become extraordinary.”

Osho, The Journey of Being Human, Prologue

This lesson from Osho is one that I take to heart. Such as small thing as taking time to meditate while stripped of every artifice, being my authentic naked self, is a beautiful act. It isn’t a designer label activity, something to show others how important I am. Rather, stripped I become just another human. Beneath our outer trappings we are all naked and vulnerable. And that, is a beautiful thing in itself.

At Home on the Prairies

We arrived home a little later than planned as we stopped in the city for a meal out with grandson number two and his significant other. It was a luncheon that was well worth the delay in arriving at home. Now, a few days later, I am ready to return to a more regular writing pattern. The main writing project is volume one of a historical series that opens with a scene in France with Rollo, the Viking who becomes the first ruler of Normandy. The volume isn’t about Rollo though he does have a significant role at the beginning of the work. His son, Guillaume de Longue-épée, has a more important role before the story shifts to recount the tale of yet another man who becomes the central character.

On a side note, I have created a Patreon account with the hope that those who wish to sponsor my work as an author, will choose to do so at this site. Poets, authors, artists, and musicians of the past were typically supported by patrons. If you check in at my Patreon page, you will see that there are real rewards for being a sponsor. Depending on the level of sponsorship, you will get to see work in progress such as the novel mentioned above, As well, I will be recording poetry readings which will only be available to sponsors. For those sponsoring at the highest level, I will be including your name withing the acknowledgements of future published books.

But before I can devote most of my time to writing new content, it is time for me to prepare my taxes. I sell books and the income must be declared as taxes. I have a pension and that means I have to pay taxes. Rather than complain about paying taxes, I have to admit that I am thankful. Why? Paying taxes means that I have money coming in. Imagine not having enough income to require paying taxes. I am blessed.

Last Post From Olon

It’s a cloudy, overcast day here in Olon, Ecuador, the last full day I will be spending here this year. Plans have been made to return next January, to a different unit at the site, one that might be more naturist friendly. The earthquakes didn’t put either of us off of Ecuador, or have us reconsider the new unit which is on the third and top floor of a three condo complex [hence the privacy]. The morning has been busy with taking care of packing away somethings we are leaving behind in anticipation of our return, as well as getting our stuff ready for tomorrow’s departure. With the sky overcast and a light shower in progress, the desire isn’t there to walk the beach this morning as per our usual habit.

One of the things I did this morning was to post an April Fool’s piece on various media for the FCN [Federation of Canadian Naturists]. Tomorrow, I will post a follow-up piece to let all know that it was an April Fool’s article.

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