Psychological Fantasy Novels

This novel tells the story of a Canadian psychotherapist who has his therapy practice in Ottawa, Canada. Due to a number of personal issues, he finds himself placing his practice on hold while he flies off to Paris in order to begin a pilgrimage.

The journey from a little town called Saint Jean Pied de Port, follows an eight hundred kilometre long pilgrimage route known as the Camino. The hero, René Beauchemin, meets an unlikely cast of characters with whom he makes most of the journey. The journey is transformational, as it blends psychology, mythology, Buddhist meditation, and challenging beliefs. In the end, René arrives at Santiago de Compostela, a different man than when he began.

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In this second novel, René has returned home to Canada following his adventures along the Camino. Recharged, he puts his energies back into building his practice, as well as sharing his Camino story with others who wish to walk their own pilgrimages in northern Spain.

René’s life becomes complicated as he finds himself caught between two women. Unknown to him, there are numerous influences, including inner voices, in the background that appear to have their own agenda.

The story twists and turns, using mythology, Jungian psychology, Buddhism, and naturism to illustrate the journey of a man learning to give the feminine aspect a place of equality in his life.

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The third, and final book in the series is now published [March 2019]. René finds himself on another Camino en route to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. His Camino begins in Lisbon. The story begins back at his home in the Ottawa, Canada region where he is helping to train other Camino hopefuls. Unknown to René was the fact that some of these hopeful pilgrims were immortals who had a vested interest in René and his new wife.

As in the other two novels, Jungian psychology, Buddhism, and naturism play an integral role in the story. The addition of Celtic mythology and a cast of characters from that mythology make for a pilgrimage filled with surprises. Not all the surprises are good ones as conflict does lead to a few of the characters leaving the Camino. It is a classic story of good versus evil.

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This is a stand alone story set in contemporary Europe where the protagonists continually find themselves experiencing Déjà Vu, that sense of having been there and done that in some forgotten past.

Kathi and Réjean, the two main characters of this story, meet for the first time in Vienna, Austria where they embark on a journey of self discovery. So many things seem much too familiar, as if they are experiencing déjà vu. What they learn about themselves and their new friends changes them forever.

As with my other Psychological Fantasy novels, the world of Jungian psychology and mythology have important roles to play. And as well, the characters have a difficult time keeping their clothes on.

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