On the Cusp of Another Adventure

Beach in Olon, Ecuador

It’s December, 2018. In a month’s time we will be flying off to spend another winter in South America using Olon, Ecuador as home base. That means that we are again pondering just what to put into our backpacks. If it doesn’t fit so that we can take in our backpack or small carry-on, it doesn’t come with us.

We are backpackers. It’s official. No suitcases that would have us wait at luggage carousels. Typically we end up wandering around a new city for hours before being able to check into our accommodations, usually a hostel or a quaint little bnb [usually without the breakfast]. Because of that, suitcases would make the “wandering” a painful process. I will endeavour to post on occasion from Ecuador as we explore and discover new things.


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