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After the Sunset Another Sunrise and Another New Beginning

“Resurrection. … change, transmutation, or transformation of one’s being. The change may be either essential, in the sense that the resurrected being is a different one; or nonessential, in the sense that only the general conditions of existence have changed, as when one finds oneself in a different place or in a body which is differently constituted.” C.G. Jung, Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, CW 9i p. 114

I lost the original Through a Jungian Lens blog site a few months ago. It has taken me some time to process the loss and to decide whether or not I would go through the work of reinventing the blog site. I had thought that perhaps ten years of blogging would have been enough and that I could leave knowing I had done enough. So, for four months, I stayed silent. After all, what could I ever say that hadn’t already been said by others who could say it better. And, I didn’t have a clue where I could even begin. I didn’t want to repeat myself over and over again, telling the same things to the same people as though I was a hamster caught on a wheel going round and round, going nowhere.

But, in spite of my intention to leave well enough alone, there is another part of me that pushes me, never bothering to put anything in words or in clear images. What is it pushing me, calling me to do? It won’t say. It just shoves and perhaps assumes that I will finally get the unspoken message that it is time to really invest in this blog site, to risk being foolish in front of the world.

So, I resurrected the domain name and then added this blog site so that the old site would appear as if rising out of a coma, out of winter hibernation in time for a Canadian prairie spring that is slow to show its face. It’s going to take some time for me to get my bearings and to see where the compass now points. One thing has stood out from the mess within my head, the idea of the Magical Other. That took me to take James Hollis’ book, The Eden Project off my shelf. Structure and focus. Mother and Father archetypes, the unconscious pull to return to the Garden of Eden which somehow gets mixed up in romantic love and relationship.

Why? Why this? I don’t know but it is enough to listen to that Call and risk the way going forward. Will anyone be listening? I guess as long as I listen to what emerges, and I don’t what emerges from others, it will be enough. I’ll leave the rest to the ripple effect where any disturbance I make in the universe will make a difference.


  1. I also hear the Call and share your struggle about blogging. I think listening to our souls and trying to convey their messages without attaching ourselves to outcomes is the way to go. At least for me. I just keep taking the next step that has to be taken.

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