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Book Events 2018

April 14th - Saskatoon, SK - Indigo

April 22nd - Red Deer, AB - Chapters

May 12th - Lethbridge, AB - Chapters

May 27th - Regina, SK - Chapters

June 29th - Calgary, AB - Chapters

June 30th - Calgary, AB - Chapters

July 1st - Calgary, AB - Indigo

August 2nd - Regina, SK - Chapters

August 4th - Winnipeg, MB - Chapters

August 5th - Winnipeg, MB - Chapters

August 6th - Winnipeg, MB - Indigo

September 9th - Red Deer, AB - Chapters

September 20th - Edmonton, AB - W.E.M. Chapters

September 21st - Edmonton, AB - Chapters

September 22nd - Edmonton, AB - Indigo

September 23rd - Sherwood Park, AB - Chapters

October 21st - Red Deer, AB - Chapters - Safe Harbour fund raiser

October 28 - Saskatoon, SK - Indigo

November 3 - Regina, SK - Chapters

The Journeys in Blog form

The Pilgrim Journey - A record of personal and shared wanderings on planet Earth. The lens through which these stories are told shows, people and places that touch one's very being.

All of the journeys, well almost all of them, have been shared journeys. Our first journey was into the northern wilderness of Canada in 1971. Then, we began to reach outside of our comfort zone to experience, Europe, then Asia, then Central and Southern America. Together we have been pilgrims for more than forty years.

We are not done yet. Our stories will continue to be told.

The Healing Journey - My writing, using all the tools and skills of mental-health counselling, personal study, writing, painting, music, psychology courses, and soul work to regain balance and the will to live in a continuing relationship to others and the world. This thought-full journey is blogged through the lens of Jungian psychology, Christianity, and Buddhism

Once I had escaped the past of childhood and youth, I met my "Magical Other" and married her. Together we built a life together, raised children, and then navigated through the "Dark Night of the Soul" that sought to claim me. The journey to healing has used many tools. And standing on the sidelines, my Magical Other waited for my continual returns.

Jungian psychology, Buddhism, and Naturism were only able to be effective because of the foundation that love, and a soul mate could provide. This foundation remains mostly unspoken through the words of each blog post. 

The Naturist Journey - Leaving the camouflage behind and engaging with the world authentically human. Through a lens that leaves the self vulnerable, one has no choice but to be honest with oneself and with others.

This is the most difficult journey to talk about in a world that is hell bent on deceiving itself and hiding from itself. Without the healing rays of the sun, and the acceptance that the Creator knew what she/he was doing when humans were created naked, I wouldn't be here sharing my stories, fiction and non-fiction.

I have accepted that I am a naturist, as has my family and a good number of my friends. I have stopped hiding and dare to let the authentic "me" come out from behind the disguises that have protected me since childhood.

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