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A Tale of Disappearing Keys While Free-Hiking

Well, that was a naturist hike with a difference. I added another km to that total because of an issue. Between the start and the finish, my truck keys had fallen through a hole in my carrying sack. I had a choice to either retrace my steps or walk home where I didn’t have a second set of keys – they have been seriously misplaced. Luckily, about a half kilometre into retracing my steps, I found the truck keys on the path, just steps away from where I had taken my first photo of my free-hike. Needless to say, I will have a sewing task of repairing that hole, or better yet, having a clip for the keys to prevent any future loss through new holes.

Brown-eyed Suzy

This was the photo that had somehow provided the keys with an escape route from my little sack. Today was my longest free-hike of the year. I could have gone longer but I had other tasks I wanted to complete before the afternoon temperatures soared. I have to dead-head the roses and then search for a pair of new tires from my truck as the rear tires are in poor shape.

I have begun a new story, or should I say I have returned to a story I had begun sometime in the past. It will be a different sort of tale. I have posted the prologue to that story on my Patreon site. You can read the story as it develops without having to pay to become a patron. That said, anyone who choses to become a patron will have access to more of my work, including podcasts and other creative efforts. Most of my patron-only material will be focused on naturism in some form or other. I look forward to hearing your comments on the new story, as well as any support you might choose to give for my continued efforts.

Revisiting a Fence Post From the Past

July 2011

Back in July 2011, a time when I shifted to engaging in Naturism on a more frequent basis, I made a small, treed rest stop near our village a “go to” place for some clothes-freedom time. I would do a bit of sunbathing, a stroll along the back edge of the tiny park with only a barbed-wire fence separating me from the pasture that was rarely used. On rare occasions, I would cross over the fence and dare to walk across the pasture, making sure that I hugged the line of trees as I was very visible to passing highway traffic on the other side of the fence. What I remember most about that time was the mosquitoes and the tension, as well as the sheer joy at being out of my clothing.

July 2022

This morning, en route to two chores that were required out of town, I decided to pay a return visit. It was different this time. The rest stop is barricaded and the place is in a sad state of affairs. However, the fence is still standing strong as it does its job of containing the cattle that pasture there from time to time. The row of trees is still there as well. The changes are within me. I am much more confident and my hair has turned into silver. And, though it might not be noticeable, I am trimmer having lost ten pounds over those eleven years. My skin is still dark.

I don’t want to return to the past, it is enough to have moments such as this one where the past is acknowledged and honoured. My present life is so much better. One would almost think that time heals and one becomes wiser. The year 2011 was a tough year for me. It was the year my mother died. That event chased me back into psychoanalysis and that led me to becoming a pilgrim who can’t seem to stop wandering around the world. In a way, I would have to say it was a time of pivotal change in who I was and how I would lead my life going forward.

What event changed your life?

Something New Standing Naked on the Hill

It’s mine, all mine … no it’s not!

Free-hiking on a perfect morning was all that I could have hoped for with the only drawback being spear grass which dug into my socks and decided to bite me. I walked 8.8 km at an 11 km/hr pace which is relatively decent for walking. Half of the walking was on a dirt path separating two fields planted with wheat and lentils. The second half was through rolling hills following an old, unused trail to reach a hilltop that had very old farm equipment parked. Joining the two ancient pieces was a newer piece of equipment seen in the photo.

I chose to walk in the morning as it is going to be a hot afternoon, too hot for enjoying a hike. I took a litre of water with me and had no trouble finishing it by the time I arrived back at my truck which had been parked by four large grain bins. Usually, I walk with trekking poles, but not this morning. It’s good to change things up once in a while. Today’s walk makes it the fifth free-hike of the season. It’s been a good year so far for free-hiking.

Now that I am back home, it is time to return to writing and editing with perhaps another audio recording of the Pilgrim novel. On another note, I have revived the old Patreon site with the view of posting the completed audio chapters there. The site has new tiers. There will be “Free” postings meaning you don’t have to pay to support my work, as well as three tiers of author support. Check it out by checking on this link.

Until the next time.

Back in the Real World

The portal between inner worlds and outer reality.

I have to admit I love summers at our home on the Canadian prairies. The fact that we live in a small town of about five hundred people and that many of these people are gone to their cottages or seasonal camping spots has meant that the place has a silence that is rarely disturbed by human-generated noises. We could be staying at a seasonal site at my daughter’s fifth-wheel trailer near a lake. However, we then would have to live with the noise of the surrounding campers. In our yard, the only noise comes from Wrens, Robins, Doves, Sparrows, and occasional Grackles and Finches.

My temperament, my personality is primarily introverted. It’s not that I don’t like people. I would just rather that they weren’t always so hyper and noisy and demanding of attention. I can only handle so much socialising before I shut down and become almost deaf. The same thing happens when I find myself “shopping.” If I am alone it is a quick in and out with no browsing. If I am not alone, it doesn’t take long before I zone out and become a zombie. My wife doesn’t particularly enjoy shopping with me when she is in the mood to browse.

Being a writer fits with my personality. I can handle long periods of silence unlike my wife who needs to have at least a radio squawking in the background. My writing lets me peer into another dimension that is somehow visual and yet not audial. I can listen into conversations in this dimension, but not as you would think. I see conversation. The characters and the worlds that hold them are unaware of my presence on the other side of the door that separates my physical world from theirs. And, I like it that way. Whenever I want, I can turn away from that portal and rejoin the real world.

Joy Daring to Be Authentic

Each of us is a solitary being

Joy is here again. Like myself, Joy dares to be her unique self. She is someone whom I can say is a friend. As always, when I use images of her, it is with permission. These are her images and she has a reason behind each of her images. Is she a naturist? In my eyes, the answer is yes. She turns to nature to explore the honesty of who she is. Would the naturist community agree? Some would and some wouldn’t. There is a slight hiccup that gets in the way. Joy doesn’t apologise for being a sexual being. As I said at the beginning, she dares to be authentic.

Verboten – Forbidden

There is an ongoing brouhaha about human genitals in the naturist community. Obviously, when one is nude, genitals are exposed. Well, to a certain extent. I have noticed [or should I say that my wife has noticed] that in naturist settings, women often sit in such a manner as to conceal as much as possible. Is it fear; is it about how they don’t want to be perceived as sexual; or is it about doing their best to fit in with the naturist community? Conformity is a powerful force that have few willing to confront.

The male gaze exists in naturist resorts. However, there, it is expected that the eyes focus on the face and not on the nude body of a person. Men don’t have the same issues with being seen for the most part. Yet, there is pressure from the naturist community to embrace the idea that while in the community, they are non-sexual in self-presentation. No headless torso shots or genital focused photos.

Daring to be authentic

So, why does Joy shift dare to be different? Here is what she has to say: “I will be able to dedicate myself towards realizing my vision of creating impactful social media campaigns that inspire people to fearlessly embrace their sexuality and the unique beauty of their bodies regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.

These brave words are backed up by how she lives her life. Of course, there are many who take offense at her daring. And, there are men who see only an invitation to be gross, demeaning, and perverted. Interesting how the naturist community wants all to avoid anything sexual – implied or explicit, especially in images. Sexuality doesn’t equate with porn. Yet that is what the naturist community is stating.

Stirring the Naturist Waters

It is a gloriously sunny day here on the Canadian prairies. A dump of rain has left the backroads where I tend to hike a muddy mess. I drove out to check, hoping that I could sneak in a little five kilometre hike, but alas, mud-caked hiking shoes in just three steps on the partially gravelled section. I knew that the 100% dirt trail with its ups and downs would be totally unenjoyable. As a result, I returned home with hopes of another naturist hike in a few more days. I did manage a hike two days ago, so at least there is that.

The past few days have kept me very busy with my new role in the National Canadian Authors group. A few other things are also filling my plate such as yesterday’s 13 km walk with my wife, wearing clothing of course [shorts]. The garden is coming along and we have had two relatively large pickings of strawberries from our tiny patch. Cucumbers are also being enjoyed and baby tomatoes are appearing on the vines. And, due to the recent rain showers, mosquitoes are back in town – unwelcome guests.

There is a bit of a kerfuffle on Twitter which soon had voices getting defensive, some even suggesting that perhaps I’m not a naturist at all as I don’t embrace censorship. Though I don’t agree with people posting porn [I block them when they react to my posts and images], I do defend their right to post. Though I don’t like spread-legs photos by those who are for all intents and purposes, naturists/nudists, I do defend their right to post.

When there are gatekeepers with rulebooks, the world is divided intentionally. I can think of divisions between conservative and liberal worldviews, between Caucasians and POC where “pureblood” is a mantra. I can think of religious divisions, divisions that fuel extreme reactions and violence. Who gives a shit what religion [or none], what colour of skin, what party a person believes in, or sexual identity?

I don’t sit on a fence. I have my beliefs and values. I just don’t foist them on others. I say what I think whether others would rather I remain silent or just smile and nod my head mouthing polite, meaningless words. My books reflect this. And as the image says, I hope my books are good enough to survive long enough to be read. And undoubtedly, I will become a banned author. LOL!

Take Care and Dare to be Bare

Early morning glimpse of the sun

Well, it is now official, I am confirmed as a Regional Director for a National Authors organisation. What does that mean? Well, it means that I will have a lot of work to do to connect with all the authors in my region and ascertain what the organisation can do to help them. And, it means that I will have to be attending Board meetings and Committee meetings [I am on two committees]. It’s a good thing that I am retired and can afford the time to do this work. It’s also a good thing that I can do this work at distance since I love travelling. Speaking of travelling, I have booked three months in Mexico for the winter that is coming.

I am waiting for the clouds to break as I intend on getting out for a naturist hike. It has been a while since my last hike au naturel. The weather has not been very cooperative with the third coolest [and windiest] spring on record. At least we have had sunshine while the wind howls as it has allowed me to get a bit of a tan. The garden is doing well, including the new perennials that will add some extra colour to the backyard.

I will be at home for the next four weeks and hope to get more work done with my audiobook project. Come August, I will have all of my family arrive for a family reunion – tee-shirts included. September has a wedding in store for us with a grandson getting married.

Now, you might have noticed that I have avoided saying anything even remotely serious. No psychology, no politics, and no social issues. That said, I do hope that you seriously consider protecting yourself as the latest version of Covid has arrived and it appears to be the most dangerous variant yet. Don’t wait for governments to tell you what to do. Don’t swallow conspiracy theories as they won’t provide you with any protection. When in doubt, wear a mask when gathering in groups. Eat healthy, get some outdoor exercise if possible, and consider carefully the idea of a vaccine. Though almost everyone around me has had Covid, I haven’t had it, nor have my friends who are also fully vaxxed with two boosters [we are all old fogies over seventy].

Take care out there, and dare to be bare.

The Northern Forest and Mosquitoes

A dark and dreary morning

It’s a dreary day as far as weather is concerned. As such, there is no chance that I’ll be going outside for a naturist hike or to sunbathe in my backyard. Windy, wet, and quite cool makes for an indoors type of day.

The first thing I did was to list my little truck, a Chev Colorado, for sale. I love the truck, but it is rarely used. Our Toyota Prius is more than enough for our driving needs. If I need the use of a truck, there are people in town who will be more than willing to haul away our branches and whatever, especially for a reasonable price.

It has been a while since my last post as I have been at my eldest daughter’s home in the north country. She has a modern log cabin home that is very comfortable. Our visit came to an end when it was time for my daughter and her husband to return to work following the national holiday weekend here in Canada.

Warm in the log-walled kitchen

Though it wasn’t a place or time for me to be nude, the company and activities were well worth the effort of wearing clothing. The prevalence of mosquitoes while I played at being a lumberjack with my son-in-law was another good reason to be clothed from head to toe. The live deep in the heart of a northern forest near a slow-moving river, the perfect breeding grounds for vicious northern mosquitoes. Now that I am back home, clothing is only worn for public appearances.

I will be returning to editing and recording my first naturist novel. It is a project that will be taking me months to complete. Now, it’s time to hear a few words from you.

Naked Voices Go Unheard

Unheeded voice in the wilderness

School is out for the summer on the prairies. In two days, our country will celebrate being a free, democratic country. With any luck, I will be at my first child’s home in the distant north to be with her and her husband for the long weekend. If this comes to be reality, there will be no time or opportunity to enjoy being clothing free. Canada isn’t that free. There are rules that are national, provincial, and perhaps more important, social that govern us.

As I watch the world turn while the years slip by, I see that freedom is only partial. As long as one fits in with the majority, no one cares what one does or says. Yet, that really isn’t true. There are noisy voices that cannot stand anyone being other than a clone of their beliefs and lifestyle. They want all the power and none of the responsibility. We see that in the unfolding accounts coming out of the USA with regards to the January 6th attempted coup. What to believe and what to reject? I don’t think it matters as truth is not going to disclosed on either side of the growing divide in that country.

The same is happening here in Canada. We had a “freedom convoy” that went to the nation’s capital city with the published and express purpose of taking down an elected government and replacing it with the organisers of the convoy. Their concept of freedom and freedoms lost boggles the mind, especially when the motivation is to deny the majority of Canadians their freedoms. Again, it is be like me or hit the highway. If you are too loud in your protest against us, we will threaten you with death. That is the voice of the freedom convoy as it once again makes its way to the nation’s capital.

Is the naturist community insulated or isolated from these competing visions for our North American countries? The short answer is no. In truth, we are just as divided. The only thing that we hold in common is a respect for the naked human body. The reasons for that respect are not all the same, nor should they be. That is the whole point of freedom. We don’t have to be the same, nor should any one group gain power to deny another person’s freedom.

This isn’t supposed to be a political post, but one that speaks to the complexity of being human. I don’t want power over anyone. I also don’t want anyone to have power over me. It’s that simple. I want to live as a spiritual being whose religion is nature and whose church is the Earth. We can live in peace if we want this goal.

Naturist Author and a National Authors Group

A moment of sunshine two days ago

It’s Friday morning on the Canadian prairies. It’s another grey and windy day with the temperature when I woke up at 8 Celsius. And to think that it’s the fourth day of summer according to the calendar. Brrrr!

It’s now official, I am a Director for Canadian Authors. I will find out in about two weeks just what is expected of me at the first Board meeting. Naturally, during this time of Covid, all meetings are done online via Zoom. From what I am led to believe, I will become the Regional Director for the central prairie provinces. I am still surprised that they selected me following their extensive search. Didn’t they see that I am a naturist? After all, it’s not like I have hid this blog site or my Twitter account.

More later when I know more.

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