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Being There For Others – Clothed or Not

Early morning sunshine

This morning, I woke up to clear skies. With dawn, the sun made an appearance and promised a sunny day. Mid-way through the morning, everything had changed and it began to snow. This is normal for the Canadian prairies. The only certitude is that the world, the weather, and life is dynamic and volatile. With the wind now up, I have decided to stay indoors after a short time outdoors. While outdoors, I managed to cut a piece of wood for a new shelf. Of course, I was doing all of this while unclothed.

Now, I am inside, nice and warm. This afternoon, there is a learning practice run using Zoom to prepare for tomorrow’s extended-family Easter Sunday gathering at distance. So far, the efforts appear to be working quite well once individuals get a bit of experience.  Like the dynamic and changing weather, we are learning about computer-mediated communication in a dynamic manner. The need for learning new ways to relate to each other in these days of covid19 social distancing, is vital.

Connectedness. Being connected in some manner with others is vital to one’s well-being. As people have learned in the past, as long as there is a sense of being connected, one is able to better navigate being alone. In some extreme cases of isolation, that feeling of being connected is often projected onto imaginary friends. When some see one talking to oneself, it could be that was is observed is a real conversation with absent others. Of course, being present face-to-face [f2f] is the optimum means of enabling and enhancing connectedness. Social media and video-conferencing platforms are likely the second best option. Audio [telephones, etc.] connection is next with chat [text] connections rounding out the most prevalent means we use to stay connected to others.

In spite of these options, people still feel disconnected for one reason or other regardless of whether one is in a face-to-face situation or in a chatroom conversation. The means are there, but there remains an internal disconnect. During Covid19, the problem of feeling disconnected and alone is magnified. For many, it needs the catalyst of someone they know, even if only slightly, to breach the isolation being felt. Knowing that, we each need to reach out to others, especially the ones in our lives who have gone silent. One never knows if that will save a life, or save a person’s sanity.

Be there for others, and you might find that others are there for you. This is who we are as humans. We are social beings.

Naked and Listening to the Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence

Writing is almost exhausting work at times. Since I am now involved in a number of projects, I find myself needing to just sit back a bit to recoup a bit of energy before moving on to yet another writing task.

Unfortunately, like too many others, I find myself slipping into a trance of silence. Looking out the windows of my home, that silence is magnified with empty streets with only a rare half ton truck causing ripples in the odd puddle. And then, aside from fleeting thoughts blowing through my mind like old leaves blowing down an empty street. I hear my own silence. For too many hours a day, not a sound leaves my mouth.

There is a problem with this silence. It is at this time that the mind screams in protest and the barriers we have built over a lifetime to hide our shadows, begin to crumble. The silence begins to turn into a cacophony of unvoiced noise. And like others, I turn to social media in hopes of drowning out that deafening silence.

This morning, this video-song appeared, The Sounds of Silence. In the 1960s and 70s, I played this song as a folk musician. I was a solitary singer in a world that was deafening with life. I stood outside, at least mentally and emotionally. I embraced that silence. It helped me silence the inner voices that wanted me to remember a myriad of abuses of my childhood. The song was therapeutic. I then listened to this song again this morning and discovered a different message, one that was prophetic, one that talked about humanity as a whole, not about me as a point of singularity. And then, I knew that I had to send this song out to you. It is strange beyond measure that this came to me on Good Friday. And that is all I have to say about that.

Life is deeper and richer than one could ever imagine. I don’t want to waste whatever days remain to me. I dare to live as authentically as I can, and that includes my writing, my relationships, and not hiding behind clothing pretending to be a clone of what is acceptable. There is no time to waste in embracing one’s self.

Something For Naturists to Meditate Upon

It’s day ten of my quarantine as mandated by the National Government of Canada. The day began as do most of my days – wake up early, put up the furnace [we put it down to 15 Celsius for the night], turn on the coffee, and then open the draperies before we sit on our love seat to enjoy our first cup of the day.

Then, as usual with out new reality, we both reached out to our kids and grandkids for chat opportunities. I then recorded my second part of a Science Fiction story for my grandchildren, a story that has all of them and their parents, as well as a few friends as the main characters. It is a fun activity for me, and one they are quick to tell me they like. Once the audio file was posted for them, I returned to my Post-Pandemic Naturist story. Before lunch, part two was completed. It is now up on the Patreon site, scheduled for release on Monday.

Then, with everything flowing smoothly, we got a message. One of our older nephews was airlifted from his town to a city. He is 60 and is unconscious and on a ventilator. There is no diagnosis yet, but all parties believe it is CV19. Two days earlier, another nephew was diagnosed with an aggressive case of prostate cancer. Suddenly, the world has caught up with our family which somehow had miraculously been spared much in the way of tragedy. This has ceased being a mental exercise and has become very visceral.

The Federal Government also released its tentative predictions for the effect of Covid19 in terms of infections and death rates. The best case scenario sees just under 5,000 deaths. The worst case scenario has nearly 50,000 deaths. No matter which way one looks at these numbers, this will forever change our country and its people. What is almost as powerful in generating a change in who we are as a people and how we are as a nation, will be the impact on how we will govern ourselves once this has passed, and how we live together as a people.

What will change? Will we become a kinder population [we are already noted as being a kind people on the International stage]? Will we become more tolerant of differences? Or, will we retreat into our clans with little trust for those not within our clans? I don’t have any answers or predictions. What are your thoughts?

Being a Solitary Naturist at Home Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone

It’s day nine of our quarantine here in Canada. I am finding that the past few days have been working well for me as I return to investing a lot of my time to writing. One project from the past that has benefited is my Patreon-only naturism novel. A three-month hiatus has been ended. I will be making sure that I have enough posts scheduled over the next while to help me get through expected times when motivation to do much reappears. I am enough of a realist to know that I will again find myself retreating into the shadow world from time to time.

I just ordered a microphone, a quality one to replace the headphone/microphone set that is now somewhere in South America. When it arrives in about six weeks – yes, it appears that non-essential deliveries will delay its arrival – I will get to finally being able to record my novels into audio books. I literally am filling in my time with ease. There isn’t the faintest hint of being bored.

For my well-being during this pandemic, all I find myself needing is sunshine, good food, the constant companionship of my wife, and the virtual company of my children and grandchildren, and the freedom to be clothing free.

What are your strategies for maintaining good mental health during the Covid19 crisis? I know that many are not doing well. If you are one of those who find themselves struggling, I encourage you to reach out to family, friends, and/or mental health counsellors. I know that a number of such counsellors are reducing their fees where there is need. A number of my colleagues are now using online media to provide such counselling since access to offices has mostly been lost for so many in need. I include myself as a mental-health resource though I have been retired and not taking clients for a few years.

Even a Naturist Appreciates a Bit of Snow

More April snow

It isn’t outdoor naturism weather yet. Still, I had to steal a few moments outdoors this morning in spite of the fact that it was -12 Celsius. There was no breeze before 7:00 this morning, a a faint falling of snow flakes was too much to resist. With the experience a sharp contrast to being outdoors almost every hour of the waking day in Ecuador, most of those hours without worrying about clothing, it became a vivid reminder that I was back home in Canada.

My mood is vastly improved this morning. Late yesterday, I began writing a new story. Almost at the same time, I was writing and audio recording a different story which will be sent, part by part, to my grandchildren who love having “Papa/Pere” tell them stories just before bedtime.  The first part is just over five minutes long at 750 words. That will be my target for updates to that story.

The naturist pandemic novel has 800 words committed to paper [virtual paper]. It is a strong beginning, however I want to begin again with an alternate beginning, one that would go back further in time to earlier in pandemic timeline. Likely, if my thoughts are to be realised, the existing 800 words would become the intro to a sequel. Strange how inspiration works. I don’t question the Muse. I am fairly obedient when it comes to following the inspirations that the Muse brings forward.

Just in case anyone wonders, at home I am clothing free. It isn’t a problem, especially since no one will be coming to our door or entering our house. Besides, most of my neighbours are aware of my usual nudity, both in the house and in my yard. A good number have seen me nude as well. I wonder how the world will respond to public nudity in the future once the Covid19 pandemic has slipped into the history books. I am tilting towards a more positive response though there is no evidence to prove one way or the other.

What are your thoughts about public and social nudity/naturism post-pandemic?

A Naturist with a Bit of Attitude

Snow, snow and more snow

I woke up to a blizzard this morning. After it stopped around eleven this morning, we had more than 20 cm of snow [more than 8″] laying on the ground. The two of us soon got to work shovelling the snow to allow access to our front door, as well as to clean off the back deck and pathways in the backyard, including a jogging path around the inner edges of the yard which we use as part of our daily exercise routine. Yes, we have brought the idea of exercising back to Canada with us. As I see it, it might be two or more weeks before we can use the country roads and lanes for our daily exercise.

So far, it has been a good three or more weeks of social isolation for us. I have to admit that it gets to a person after a while, even for an introvert such as myself. Last night was not a good night for sleep. There were too many scattered thoughts swirling around, many of them not of the positive and hopeful variety.

As I write this post this afternoon, the mood still hasn’t lifted. Strangely, the exercise of shovelling didn’t seem to work its usual magic. Perhaps it is the lack of sunshine, perhaps not. Now, my mood could have had something to do with watching the movie called, Contagion which we watched yesterday evening. Add wine into the mix and it became a recipe for normally silent stuff to find its way into one’s thoughts. I have a strong suspicion that I won’t be mixing wine with another pandemic movie any time soon.

Thankfully, the news is quiet today. It’s the weekend and even nasty trolls and bots need to rest up before they return to their dastardly work of creating chaos and confusion. It’s time for some tea and a return to a writing project. Be well, be safe, and stay the f*ck at home [oops, my attitude slipped out again].

Finding Naturist Fiction Inspiration During a Pandemic

Every bit of sunshine helps

It warmed up by the afternoon after beginning with a temperature of -15 C before windchill which made it feel more like -23 C. With the sun pouring down at 3:00 pm and the temperature at -5 C with a breeze, it was the perfect time to be outside on my back deck. As you can see, there is still some snow in my yard. Snow has been scarce and it doesn’t bode well for a great start for the new farming season here on the prairies. There is a forecast for some more snow for tomorrow, but it will be dependent upon late spring rains for needed soil moisture for seeding.

I’m not a farmer. However, this is farming country and I am well aware of how critical our world depends on agriculture. With Covid19 doing a number on our world economy, and a worse number on human health, both mental and physical, the last thing we would need would be to add in an agricultural crisis into the mix. These are hard times. As human beings, we have no choice but to adapt to the world which will emerge.

That aside, my middle child had suggested this morning [she lives in the USA with her husband and three teen-aged children] that I write a book about this whole pandemic as it effects our extended and nuclear family lives. It’s an idea that I will follow up on, simply because I can do this, and do it well. That idea grew into yet another idea of a novel using the same pandemic reality to create a pandemic influenced novel which enhances the real-world value of normalising nudity. More about that will be said in future posts. I don’t want to say too much about the idea as I want to see what emerges in the writing department first.

Now with the need to get the stories right, I have spent much of my day building timelines: a) the global timeline up to today, b) the Canadian timeline up to today, and c) my timeline from December to now – this is the most I have done for pre-planning a story – it will be a story – in my life. As you can see, I will not be getting bored with all this quarantine time on my hands.

Added to my writing and researching activity, the two of us have continued to exercise outdoors in the afternoons when it isn’t quite so cold. Twenty minutes of exercise including jogging twenty inner circuits of our yard. In another ten days, we will be able to venture off our property to put in our usual long-distance country walks. It’s easier to maintain a healthy mindset if one has a healthy body, and vice-versa.

How do you spend your time in social isolation? I’m interested.

A Shift in a Naturist’s Mood with the Appearance of Sunshine

Cold, winter weather

The sun is out, but I am staying inside for now even though I am allowed to be in my own yard. To be honest, -15 Celsius doesn’t sound or feeling inviting for a few moments of outdoor sunshine as a naturist. Still, it is enjoyable looking out the windows. While at the table having breakfast this morning, I saw a pair of Blue Jays. They are a first for me here in our yard, or even in our town. Usually, we have to be quite a bit further north to see these birds.

Today, my mood has improved. I finally decided to shave [not the moustache or the goatee] after five days of neglect. That was the first sign of a shift within me. I guess it would be similar to deciding to dress rather than stay in pyjamas all day like many who are depressed because of Covid-19. Of course, I don’t wear pyjamas. Like all naturists, the height of fashion means being totally bare. Still, I do wear a light sweater when it gets too chilly in our house. I’m not a glutton for punishment. I love warmth.

This morning I helped my wife set up an online bridge table which will be restricted to her friends here in our tiny prairie town. Now, they can play bridge at distance and not worry about gathering, as per usual habit, in someone’s home. Social isolation and distancing is paramount. Her friends are glad that we have returned. Now they can stop worrying about us. And, with our return, options for filling in time alone are increased.

This is the power of community. Community normally exists outside of one’s home, with the home being a retreat from community into a private sanctuary. With Covid-19, community needs to preserved. Thankfully, technology helps with this. I imagine that over the next few weeks, various strategies will be enacted to bridge the distance of physical isolation.

For myself, I am finding that I am commenting a bit more with others who are on Twitter. It is a way of breaking my self-imposed silence, a way to stop lurking and start communicating more. There don’t have to be many words spoken/written [and yes, it feels like the words are spoken, at least inside of my head] to feel oneself stepping outside of silent boundaries. Our words are heard, and often values whether it be with a “like” or a “retweet” and especially with a comment offered in return. I can’t imagine going through this pandemic in total isolation, as though one is in a solitary confinement prison cell. This was what those who went into isolation during the Spanish Flue at the end of WWI had to have experienced.

What are your strategies for connecting to family, friends, and community as you self-isolate or quarantine?

This is How We Will All Serve Each Other

Home sweet home

Life couldn’t be better for us tucked into our comfortable home on the Canadian prairies. Now, it is all about waiting at distance for the healing of the world to begin. We slept last night for a full nine hours. While having coffee in our living room while looking out the large picture window, I commented that we had been living on adrenaline for almost three weeks. It took both of us living on high alert in Ecuador to ensure that we were able to leave that country before it went on complete shutdown. Yesterday morning, the last Canadian repatriation flight left Ecuador with some of our friends lucky enough to find land transport to Quito where all of the repatriation flights were accessed. The whole exercise taught both of us that we need community – family, friends, neighbours, national governments, and countless unnamed service people.

I got to go out onto my back deck. It was cold -10 Celsius, with a brisk breeze to make it feel even colder. I didn’t stay out long, not because of the cold, but because I knew that I should stay inside. I wan’t breaking any rules on the back deck. But if anyone saw me on the back deck, regardless of being nude or clothed, it might cause stress. After all, I just returned from out-of-country. However, that brief moment was needed to tell me that I was truly at “home.”

Our modern world is all about personal freedoms and rights. What so many of us fail to realise, is the fact that we can only have these freedoms and rights because of the collective working together to protect these freedoms. In times of crisis, such as we are experiencing world-wide at the present, the collective is the whole human race. Borders between  countries, such as between Canada and the United States of America, are just concepts that have no meaning when confronted by a threat such as Covid19. The real threats aren’t the “other.” The real threat begins with the “self.”  We become the enemy when we defy logic, common sense, and regulations that are being imposed to help us help ourselves.

These words from our Prime Minister here in Canada, tell it like it is. “So be smart about what you do, about the choices that you make, that is how you will serve your country and how we will all serve each other … It’s in our hands, it is in your hands.” Governments can only do so much. If we don’t do our part with self-distancing, then this will be the funeral pyre of our modern world. Yes, there will be those that will emerge from the ashes like the phoenix bird.  However, if you and I are to arrive on the other side of this pandemic, we will need to protect ourselves and all those around us via physical social isolation and distancing.

The virus doesn’t spread through the Internet. Keep connected using social media. Virtual presence is better than no presence. On the plus side, no one cares whether you are clothed or not. Therein lies a new freedom. That said, be careful when online. There are too many voices of despair, too many who see the crisis as an opportunity to profit from the fears and miseries of others. If you hear messages of hate, block. If you hear voices that attack others based on gender, race, colour, religion, or for any reason at all, block. This is not the time to disrespect. It is the time to offer messages of hope for individuals and humanity as a whole.

With this now said, I want to leave you with these words of another contemporary hero in Canada, Rick Mercer who has gained fame for his “Rants” which have had the purpose of keeping our politics and our country real.

COVID19 Has Shoved Its Nose into My Face

Searching for an escape route

I got an email late, yesterday evening, telling me that a repatriation flight is going to leave early tomorrow morning from the Quito airport. There was a problem that quickly reared its ugly head. How do we get to Quito as the provincial borders are all closed, and there is a curfew in place to restrict movement. A quick call to a trusted source told us that two days earlier, a person we both know, had taken a taxi from here to there. Because of the curfews, it took two travel days to reach Quito. A quick juggling of numbers and we knew that the plane would likely have been ready to land in Toronto before we could get to the airport, if there were no complications en route. We didn’t buy the air tickets. An hour after the announcement, all seat tickets were sold.

This morning, many who aren’t in Quito are realising they bought tickets but can’t get to the airport in time. A number of them are stranded in unknown towns along the way, with no way to return to their rentals or homes, nor any way to go further in hopes of catching a different plane. Naturally, this made for a poor night of sleep. Now, we have come to the realisation that we will likely be in Ecuador until the borders reopen, something that could take months. We accept that reality. I mean, if one has to be in social isolation, as if one is already in quarantine, what better place could we choose?

This leaves me with a lot of time for writing new material and working on the needed editing of my previous efforts. I was working well on my projects up until almost two weeks ago. Then, COVID19 shoved its nose into my life.

We are both healthy, though we are in the target demographic for being annihilated by the virus.  To keep it that way, we have been rigorously exercising and being extra careful with our eating and drinking habits. My sorties to go out for groceries as needed, are severely limited. And when I do go out, I wear a face mask. It helps that most I encounter on the streets [and there aren’t many on the streets] are also wearing masks – it’s mandated. Everyone is keeping a healthy distance from each other. Well, almost everyone. There are the young adults who somehow believe they are exempt from all rules that impinge on the sense of entitlement. However, that is a different story which I won’t go into at this time.

Now, we are having a few people deciding that they will do their part to take care of us. Water jug delivery, grocery runs, printing needs – they are offering and are there to make sure that this Abuelo and Abuela are kept safe. This involves both young adults and the not-so-young. It helps when you are visible and friendly in a small fishing village in the middle of nowhere along the Pacific Ocean. Now, all we have to do is stay sane until we can finally return home. And yes, most of the time, I do get to live clothing free.

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