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Naturist Magical Moments and Breathing Freely

Some days are more frustrating than others, and then there is that moment when the universe sends you a message so that you come back to your senses. For myself, and in my opinion, frustration to life is a personal response, not necessarily a conscious response. And to be honest, it is rarely a conscious response.

I am a laid back person and what frustrates my wife or others, typically doesn’t frustrate me. I don’t for a moment discount the real frustration that others feelWe all have our own degrees of tolerance for various types of situations, a range of tolerance responses. Our feeling responses are based on our individual life history. What then frustrates me, doesn’t typically match up with what frustrates others.

For example, I get frustrated when I sense I don’t have control of my personal world, especially when it comes to nudity.  While walking in the country today, I got frustrated. I saw the hills where I would walk completely free, free-hiking. I ached to be free-hiking, yet here I was, bundled up in three layers, a necessary three layers, in order to stay warm while walking.

Just a month ago, I wore next to nothing for my long-distance hikes – a pair of tan through mini briefs. At appropriate locations, even these briefs would disappear and I would savour sunshine on every square inch/cm of my body for literally hours at a time. Now, I try to capture the same feeling while the temperatures try to nudge the zero Celsius mark on the thermometer, a few moments at a time. For those few moments, frustration dissipates.

Yesterday evening, just before eight, I went onto the back deck and saw the colours of the sunset to the west-northwest. I forgot about the chill [cold for many others] and I simply breathed it all in. At that moment, I knew that somehow I was blessed. I had my health, I had my freedom, I had my home, and I was with my life-mate.  I breathed freely and was frustration free.

Find your magical moments and breathe.

The Sun is Shining, The Sun is Shining

The sun is out. The temperature is still below zero, but with the backyard protected from a southern breeze, I actually enjoyed a few moments in the yard. There is a promise for above zero temperatures in the afternoon which should make for a pleasant afternoon of drinking tea au naturel on the back deck … as long as there is sunshine and the wind doesn’t become a factor. I can’t believe just how good it feels to be outside in my natural state.

I just received an email from my local [defined as being local as in the closest – 4 hours distant] naturist site, Green Haven. Someone is selling their trailer there for $9000. It is tempting though I already own a trailer, albeit a much smaller trailer. The problem is, I don’t know how often I would get to the trailer. Time, circumstance, and weather are always limiting factors. For example, one year I will manage almost three weeks spread out over the summer, and then the next year perhaps only four days during which time I still have wind and rain making for a less-than-perfect outing.

The world is changing in a hurry and none of us knows how this change will impact naturist havens. Will we be able to even get to our naturist sanctuaries this year? Will the world become even more reactionary and fundamentalist in the aftermath of the current pandemic? Will the world become more liberal and open to nudity which would then leave very little motivation to travel distances and pay fees for the opportunity to be nude, when we could have all of this at home? With so many unknowns, it is hard to make a decision that has a significant cost.

How do you envision the future of naturism in the post-pandemic world? Will we be using our naturist venues more or less? Will the economic cost be too much for a world that is suffering huge disruptions to the local, regional, national, and international economies? I would like to hear your thoughts.

Quarantine Lifted and a Walk in the Countryside

Hiking boots are drying

I’ve just come back from our first walk in the countryside since our return to Canada on March 29th. Unlike during a walk in Ecuador, I never did manage to feel warm even though the walking pace was good and brisk. In Ecuador, I wore only a tan-through Kiniki bathing suit, mini briefs. And at times when the conditions were right, nothing at all. Here on the prairies, I wore two layers of pants including wind pants, three layers on the top half of my body, double layer mitts-gloves, a tuque, and a scarf that served as a face mask. With the temperature at -12 Celsius and a brisk breeze from the northwest bringing the temperature closer to -20 C., there wasn’t any hope of staying warm, let alone warming up and seating beneath my winter parka. Still, it was worth it. Likely I will go out for a second walk this afternoon when the temperature is supposed to warm up to about -5. It’s hard to believe that it is springtime as it feels like it is still winter time. This is definitely not the weather for free-hiking, for the liberation from clothing while walking in the abandoned countryside.

That is the weather on the prairies, a constant set of wave patterns that bounce between winter and spring until the summer when a different wave pattern appears that might throw in a spring-like day, followed by a week that is all autumn, before returning to summer. When I hear about the waves of covid19 that are expected to test our adaptations to a new normal, a normal that has yet to define itself, I look at the evidence of nature on the prairies and can better understand.

Easter weekend this year had some snow, some sunshine, and we were tempted to head out for a walk in spite being in quarantine. Many people that we knew just couldn’t self-discipline as they said enough to social distancing and travelled to visit family for Easter. In places where the weather was actually nice, the abandonment of the distancing principle was almost an epidemic. Many even protested the whole idea of self-distancing citing rights and freedoms. Though the sober voices of our leaders continued to tell us otherwise, our immediate perceptions of reality convinced us that “enough is enough.”

Unlike the next wave of winter, it isn’t just a matter of finding our winter clothing or turning up the thermostats in our homes. Covid19 doesn’t respect our attitudes and certainties. We let down our precautionary measures and a new wave will catch us unprepared. And, we will likely blame someone else for our own behaviours – government leaders, health professionals, a foreign power – just like we blame the weatherman for an unexpected storm that returns us to winter for a while.

We have a long way to go as a collective. We will suffer for our arrogance, our entitlement, our projection of responsibility onto others.

Being There For Others – Clothed or Not

Early morning sunshine

This morning, I woke up to clear skies. With dawn, the sun made an appearance and promised a sunny day. Mid-way through the morning, everything had changed and it began to snow. This is normal for the Canadian prairies. The only certitude is that the world, the weather, and life is dynamic and volatile. With the wind now up, I have decided to stay indoors after a short time outdoors. While outdoors, I managed to cut a piece of wood for a new shelf. Of course, I was doing all of this while unclothed.

Now, I am inside, nice and warm. This afternoon, there is a learning practice run using Zoom to prepare for tomorrow’s extended-family Easter Sunday gathering at distance. So far, the efforts appear to be working quite well once individuals get a bit of experience.  Like the dynamic and changing weather, we are learning about computer-mediated communication in a dynamic manner. The need for learning new ways to relate to each other in these days of covid19 social distancing, is vital.

Connectedness. Being connected in some manner with others is vital to one’s well-being. As people have learned in the past, as long as there is a sense of being connected, one is able to better navigate being alone. In some extreme cases of isolation, that feeling of being connected is often projected onto imaginary friends. When some see one talking to oneself, it could be that was is observed is a real conversation with absent others. Of course, being present face-to-face [f2f] is the optimum means of enabling and enhancing connectedness. Social media and video-conferencing platforms are likely the second best option. Audio [telephones, etc.] connection is next with chat [text] connections rounding out the most prevalent means we use to stay connected to others.

In spite of these options, people still feel disconnected for one reason or other regardless of whether one is in a face-to-face situation or in a chatroom conversation. The means are there, but there remains an internal disconnect. During Covid19, the problem of feeling disconnected and alone is magnified. For many, it needs the catalyst of someone they know, even if only slightly, to breach the isolation being felt. Knowing that, we each need to reach out to others, especially the ones in our lives who have gone silent. One never knows if that will save a life, or save a person’s sanity.

Be there for others, and you might find that others are there for you. This is who we are as humans. We are social beings.

Something For Naturists to Meditate Upon

It’s day ten of my quarantine as mandated by the National Government of Canada. The day began as do most of my days – wake up early, put up the furnace [we put it down to 15 Celsius for the night], turn on the coffee, and then open the draperies before we sit on our love seat to enjoy our first cup of the day.

Then, as usual with out new reality, we both reached out to our kids and grandkids for chat opportunities. I then recorded my second part of a Science Fiction story for my grandchildren, a story that has all of them and their parents, as well as a few friends as the main characters. It is a fun activity for me, and one they are quick to tell me they like. Once the audio file was posted for them, I returned to my Post-Pandemic Naturist story. Before lunch, part two was completed. It is now up on the Patreon site, scheduled for release on Monday.

Then, with everything flowing smoothly, we got a message. One of our older nephews was airlifted from his town to a city. He is 60 and is unconscious and on a ventilator. There is no diagnosis yet, but all parties believe it is CV19. Two days earlier, another nephew was diagnosed with an aggressive case of prostate cancer. Suddenly, the world has caught up with our family which somehow had miraculously been spared much in the way of tragedy. This has ceased being a mental exercise and has become very visceral.

The Federal Government also released its tentative predictions for the effect of Covid19 in terms of infections and death rates. The best case scenario sees just under 5,000 deaths. The worst case scenario has nearly 50,000 deaths. No matter which way one looks at these numbers, this will forever change our country and its people. What is almost as powerful in generating a change in who we are as a people and how we are as a nation, will be the impact on how we will govern ourselves once this has passed, and how we live together as a people.

What will change? Will we become a kinder population [we are already noted as being a kind people on the International stage]? Will we become more tolerant of differences? Or, will we retreat into our clans with little trust for those not within our clans? I don’t have any answers or predictions. What are your thoughts?

Being a Solitary Naturist at Home Doesn’t Mean You Are Alone

It’s day nine of our quarantine here in Canada. I am finding that the past few days have been working well for me as I return to investing a lot of my time to writing. One project from the past that has benefited is my Patreon-only naturism novel. A three-month hiatus has been ended. I will be making sure that I have enough posts scheduled over the next while to help me get through expected times when motivation to do much reappears. I am enough of a realist to know that I will again find myself retreating into the shadow world from time to time.

I just ordered a microphone, a quality one to replace the headphone/microphone set that is now somewhere in South America. When it arrives in about six weeks – yes, it appears that non-essential deliveries will delay its arrival – I will get to finally being able to record my novels into audio books. I literally am filling in my time with ease. There isn’t the faintest hint of being bored.

For my well-being during this pandemic, all I find myself needing is sunshine, good food, the constant companionship of my wife, and the virtual company of my children and grandchildren, and the freedom to be clothing free.

What are your strategies for maintaining good mental health during the Covid19 crisis? I know that many are not doing well. If you are one of those who find themselves struggling, I encourage you to reach out to family, friends, and/or mental health counsellors. I know that a number of such counsellors are reducing their fees where there is need. A number of my colleagues are now using online media to provide such counselling since access to offices has mostly been lost for so many in need. I include myself as a mental-health resource though I have been retired and not taking clients for a few years.

A Beginning of a Post-Pandemic Naturist Story

The promised sunshine hasn’t appeared … yet. I still have a bit of hope that the sky will clear. In spite of the cloud cover and a tinge of dreariness in the weather, I find that I am able to write. Of course, I am writing indoors near the big picture window looking out to the fields and hills in the distance. Since no one is walking around outside on the street, I don’t need to even think of wearing clothing [not that I would] in this otherwise exposed location. When there is a lot of traffic outside, I tend to write in my home office.

I have finally finished the opening of my Naturist Post-Pandemic story, and I have posted it to my Patreon site. Unlike most of my posts to Patreon, this story will be visible to everyone who wants to read it. You can find that first part here. Read it and let me know in a comment there, and a like if possible. Of course, I will also accept comments here for those who feel more comfortable doing so.

I have a different Naturist story being published, a chapter at a time at my Patreon site. You can read it with a patron donation of $1 or more. With a $3 or more donation, I will mail out a copy of one of my books after twelve months of sponsorship. Also in the Patrons-Only section, I have naturism illustrated poems. I hope to see you there. As a writer, I can’t depend on Amazon to provide me with some sort of supplementary income. That is why I have a Patreon account. In a way, it takes the relationship between writer and reader to a more personal dimension, a relationship that was critical before the modern publishing industry reared its sometimes ugly face. There is a caveat. The writing that appears on my Patreon site is naturist in both philosophy and plot. There is no erotic component, no titillation. Yet, there is also no shying away from honest sensuality when it would appear naturally. If you are searching for porn literature [is there such a thing, I mean the “literature” part?] it won’t be found at my Patreon site.

NB – The Patreon site has been discontinued.

Stay Nude and Stay the F*ck at Home

When I looked out of the bedroom window this morning, the sight that met my eyes was more snow. Today marks the third day in a row of snow fall. To be honest, I expected to still see winter upon our return, but this seems a bit of overkill. Again, I got dressed in order to go outside and clear off the walkway in front of our house and in our backyard. Once that was done, my wife and I decided to enjoy the sunshine that appeared with tea on our back deck. We needed to wear our parkas and gloves, but the tea in the sunshine was well worth it.

As for news on the Covid 19 front, I have none to share. I have limited my searching through the media in hopes of finding out something new. The bad news will be still waiting for me tomorrow should I decide  to catch up on the news. A few phone calls to family have taken place. And several flurries of chats with other family members had helped fill in some of the hours. Now, here it is near the end of the afternoon and I find that the day has somehow managed to race away. I have to admit that I don’t find time dragging on at all. If anything, there still isn’t enough time to do everything I want to accomplish. It’s strange.

Today is day seven of our quarantine in our home on the prairies. This first week has raced by making our heads swirl. I have to admit that it has been easy for a host of reasons. However, the prime reason for it being so easy is the fact that I am not alone. A secondary reason is likely due to the fact that I am introvert who easily gets lost in the stories that I am in the process of writing. A third and final reason would be the fact that our children, and grandchildren, extended family and an assortment of friends near and far, along with neighbours make sure to remain in frequent contact using technology. I have to admit, I am blessed.

Earlier today, I created an online chat group for my five oldest grandsons for the purpose of posting my “bedtime” stories. It took only minutes once it was in place for several of them to begin chatting to each other across national borders. I have committed to posting twice weekly stories for them to listen to, a hark back to the past when I would tell them stories, usually with a bit of spookiness, when they were at our place or when I would visit at their places when they were young. So far, so good. First episode is posted and the second is written and ready to be recorded.

Due to the shovelling of snow, the several communication ventures and assorted phone calls, I never did manage to add to the Naturist Novel. I did, however, add significantly to the Family Covid 19 Pandemic Journal which will become a vivid reminder of these strange and somewhat scary times.

How has your day been? Do you have a support group to allow you to feel connected in these trying times of social isolation? I hope so. If not, reach out and be there for someone else. The personal rewards will be well worth the effort.

Be well, be safe, and stay the f*ck at home.

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