February in Sayulita

The month began quietly. We were able to enjoy being outdoors in the evening as there were no mosquitos to deal with. Unlike our time spent on the Caribbean coast of Mexico where the approach of evening meant being swarmed with biting insects, were we retreated into our suite to get a bit of relief, here in Sayulita, being on the deck in pleasant temperatures meant we got to appreciate the deck even more.

We lived on the deck when we were awake and not away from the apartment on one of our innumerable outings to hike or to walk the beach or enjoy pueblo life. Because of the short wall around the deck and the fact that we were on the top floor of the three-storey building, I didn’t wear clothing. There was no chance to offend anyone. Naturally, I did my writing and editing on the deck as much as possible though I did do some writing inside the apartment when it was too sunny outside for my laptop. I was busy putting posts on my Medium site and getting Nightshade Publishing Company ready for publishing.

In February we walked / hiked 200 kilometres through the jungle and along six beaches. My favourite beaches were Playa Patzcuarito and Playa Malpasos as they were the longer beaches with the exception of the more than two kilometre long beach fronting Sayulita. It wasn’t the fact that the beaches were longer but because of their distance from the town, there was always an opportunity to spend some time on the beach without the need for a swimsuit.

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