Playa Malpasos

Strolling on a beach,
Wearing only sunshine,
Feeling the sand beneath my feet,
Hearing the sound of the surf,
A simple pleasure of life.

The warmth of the sun on my skin,
The salt of the sea in the air,
The beauty of nature all around,
It’s a moment to cherish and remember.

I feel the rhythm of the waves,
As they crash onto the shore,
And I am filled with gratitude,
For this moment in the sun.

I am alive, and I am blessed,
To experience this beauty and serenity,
To be surrounded by the elements,
That fill my soul with love and buoy.

So I will continue to stroll,
Wearing only sunshine on my skin,
Taking in the beauty around me,
And feeling the pure joy.

For life is a gift to be savored,
And every moment is a treasure,
And in this moment on the beach,
I celebrate being alive.

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