Destination — sunshine and warm temperatures.

Packing for Mexico — © Robert G. Longpré

Well, another journey has already started, the first journey since fleeing Ecuador at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic. In a few days, a different journey will begin, a journey to the west coast of Mexico where I will be spending three months staying warm and enjoying sunshine. 

The bags are packed and arrangements have been made with regards to the care of our home during our absence. Someone will keep our sidewalk cleared of snow, another person will take care of checking and emptying our mailbox at the post office. 

And the community will be vigilant to ensure no strangers are lurking nearby. This is all part of being in a small town on the prairies.

The physical journey is the easiest one for me to take. The much more difficult journey is the one that challenges me to risk changing and growing. At my age, one would think that I had arrived at a comfortable place where I could bask and enjoy the fruits of all my past heroic/psychological journeys. 

I am not as strong as I once was. My health is okay, not perfect, but my body is definitely seventy-plus years old. By my spirit? My soul? They just don’t accept age as an excuse. So, where is this new journey of soul going to take me?

That is the real hero’s journey, that of going deep inside what appears to be a chaotic minefield of powerful figures — some benevolent and many malevolent. What is known is placed on a pyre as a sacrificial offering. We rail against the loss of our old truths as they turn into charcoal. 

Yet, with the loss, we have made room for a new truth. Grasping for this golden treasure, we arise out of the ashes of the past self into a more present self like some phoenix.

This journey doesn’t get easier with age. However, at least in my case, there is a pleasant anticipation. Having taken this journey, repeatedly in the past, I know that my inner self is well aware of what I can and can’t handle.

Now, back to the physical journey. Plane tickets have been purchased and a route and transportation has been charted from the airport in Puerto Vallarta to a small seaside town called Sayulita. 

An apartment on the top floor of a three storey building has been rented for the three months.

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