Print or EBook?

Waiting for the wind to stop blowing and the sun to come out of hiding from behind thick, gray clouds. It is supposed to get nice again in the next few days, almost as if it is a return to a pleasant summer. I am now working on Chapter 9 of my novel, The Four. As well, I have opened another avenue of potential income as a writer thanks to Dan Carlson. I already have five followers and they are reading what I have put up at that portal. Who knows, it just might be worth the effort.

Talking about publishing, I seriously need to publish a few more books that are finished and collecting dust on my hard drive. I am hoping to return to selling and signing books at bookstores once we return from Mexico next spring. There is something special about signing a book and handing it to another person. Selling eBooks is okay, I mean it does provide some royalties, but it isn’t the same as the feel of passing a print book to a person I can see and hear standing in front of me.

I am hoping for a few “craft fairs” to happen in my area before Christmas. In the past, before Covid, I always managed to sell a few copies of my collection of published books. I know that those buyers would have never bought the books online in either print or eBook formats. It is priceless to see the real interest in a buyer’s eyes when they hold one of my books trying to decide whether to buy it or not.

Print or eBook in your opinion? Which is your preferred version and why?

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  1. Robert Payne says:

    Ready to read more words. Oh. Your photo is great!

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