Portrait of a Friend in Cyberspace

After morning meditation

I have a long-time friend who has followed my writing over the years, including being one of my proofreaders and sounding boards for my work, including my latest effort, The Four. Yes, the book now has a title. Anyway, this friend Bob, has once again agreed to be featured here on my blogsite. As you can tell, like me, Bob likes to take the moments that present themselves to be nude such as for meditation and a morning coffee on his patio to greet the sunrise.

Nudity and art

Also, like myself, Bob is married to the same woman, a marriage that we both know is until death parts us. Perhaps, that and the fact that we are both the same age, well he is a few months older, makes it easy to be friends. Though he is in Texas and I am in Canada, there is more that we have in common than one would think given the distance and the societal differences between our two countries. Bob has an arts soul. He uses photography, painting, and even writing to bring his art to life. And also like me, he isn’t afraid to bare the whole sum of who he is to the world.

Bob is also a philosopher. I think of him as a modern day Greek philosopher that would have felt at home as an ancient warrior in the Greek world.

This final image was originally paired with a quotation from Oscar Wilde. “To be really medieval, one should have no body. To be really modern one should have no soul. To be really Greek one should have no clothes.”

There is no doubt that Bob is firmly in the physical dimension rather than in the airy world of esoteric philosophers, a world where bodies were hidden behind layers and layers of clothing that hid. And when one talks with Bob, there is no mistaking the presence of soul. I sense that his is an old soul. And finally, his penchant for stripping off his clothing to stand proud as a man is proof enough of his “Greek” essence. I am thankful that he is my friend.

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  1. Never met but have known Bob for a good while. He is a genuine person. Plus his love of living naturally makes him an even better friend because he understands the daily challenges of living nude.

  2. Robert Payne says:

    I as well am thankful, Robert, that you are my friend

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