Bits and Pieces of a Naturist’s Life

I got to go out for a brisk walk yesterday morning, and by brisk I mean a brisk pace. Normally, my average pace is closer to 11:30 minutes per kilometer. Because of a good number of hills, I decided to throw in some light jogging to mix it up. I use a variety of programs to record time and distance and am finding that I like this app by Under Armour as it has a good display when all is done. I get to add an image as you can see here, when the activity is done.

My story is now at 6600 words which is a surprise since I seem to slow down with my writing during the summer. I am continuing to post the story on the Patreon site. You don’t have to be a patron to read the story, but I would appreciate a token patronage of even one dollar per month. It’s not much money, but it all adds up and lets me know that you value my writing. There is a lot of content that is “free.” Of course, there is more to the site than the free content should you be willing to pay more, including free physical books [or eBooks]. Regardless whether you choose to support me with a sponsorship, please leave a comment and click on “like” for each chapter you read. It all helps with making my site more visible to others.

After my walk this morning, I will be going to a Hutterian colony to buy cucumbers so that we can make dill pickles this afternoon. There will also be other vegetables purchased as we will be having a lot of company over the next few weeks. That will mean that for the next three weeks, I will have very little time for being clothing-free in my yard, or even walking. I’m not worried about it as time spent with my children, their partners, and my grandchildren is a precious gift.

I will return to post here. I have guests who will be making their appearances. Until then, enjoy your life.

Update: The morning walk did happen, and at the fastest pace so far this year. It appears that I am getting in better shape. I think I will be able to get in three more such hikes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. Until then, take care out there!

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