Donna and John on Naturism

I am fortunate to have Donna, the famous “Red Shoe Buff Baker” and her partner John return here at Naturist Lens. The lovely couple are from Lincolnshire in the UK and have that typical sense of freedom I have come to expect from naturists in the UK. Perhaps it has something to do with the relaxed laws in that country and the fact that most of the “Puritans” left to settle in North America, taking their uber-sense of prudery with them.

John and Donna are a fun loving couple who have no problem sharing their love of naturism and their life. In their words: “So often we hear of couples where only one party enjoys the naturist lifestyle. Home life as a fully naturist couple gives us the opportunity to share the joy and freedom of
naturism together. No different to couples sharing a love of music, literature or food, our joint love of naturism is comfortable, relaxing and makes for a happy life

Not all naturists who are in relationships, share the same joy of naturism. The reaction of a spouse to their partner’s proclivity to shed clothing varies quite a bit. Some give naturism an honest effort and realise that it isn’t for them. Acceptance of their partner’s need is genuine though sometimes a bit challenging. Others are not so thoughtful which often leads to a secret life, a repressed life, or even separation.

Neighbours are quite a different story. As I have mentioned over the years, neighbours can be surprisingly tolerant. I have a few neighbours who have seen me in the buff more than a few times. The relationship with these neighbours was not affected in the least. Meals are still shared as well as getting together for various activities including trips to Mexico. Donna and John have great neighbours as well. “Having non-naturist friends doesn’t have to mean that you separate their company from your naturist social life. Providing all parties feel at ease with the situation, the social aspect is just as comfortable and rewarding. We have several non-naturist friends who are quite comfortable socialising with us when we are naked. They know there is no pressure from us for them to undress. What people wear (or not!) shouldn’t have any bearing on the company and the conversation.

Donna expresses it well as she talks about the joy felt by all the senses in activities such as free-hiking: “The joy of feeling fresh air and sunshine all over your body is difficult to explain. It is something that needs to be experienced to fully understand and appreciate the comfort, freedom and relaxation that comes with being naked in nature. Particularly on a lovely warm summer’s day, walking or hiking with clothes on can become very uncomfortable as the skin is unable to ‘breathe’. Being naked helps the body to maintain a good overall temperature.”

That sense of “joy” is central to all those who embrace naturism. As one accepts one’s being and one’s body, there is a curious shift in one’s consciousness. It becomes much easier to accept others as they are and not try to control or mould others into a particular belief system or lifestyle. The joy and freedom embraced also fosters a keen sense of humour. As I wrote those words, it wasn’t to say that humour doesn’t exist for those who don’t embrace naturism. I will leave Donna and John with the last words here about this idea: “Finding humour in everyday life is essential for one’s mental wellbeing. Laughter is one of the best medicines and it is also contagious. Naturist lifestyles are no exception to this and certainly do not need to be an obstacle.”

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9 Responses to Donna and John on Naturism

  1. Scott Hanzelka says:

    Great profile of Donna and John and their philosophy about naturism.Good read and several great points.Finding humor in life is a must and mixing it with naturism is a winning combination.

  2. Robert Payne says:

    Great article, Robert. John and Donna are definitely the type of neighbor I wish we had on our road. The ones we have are direct descendants from those “Puritans” that left England

  3. gcnat1200020 says:

    Beautiful profile, guys. Love the sense of joy and true passion for the freedom naturism provides. Donna and John, you guys are great ambassadors for naturism.

    Jan&Gary xo

  4. Merci Donna et John pour ce récit. L’histoire de vie normale sans contraintes vestimentaires. Vivre ainsi est bienfaisant et bon pour le moral.

  5. C J Cochran says:

    Everything here is stated as, so true. I have come to enjoy that Beautiful Smile Donna always exhibits, shows true Joy in a woman with pride no matter how she is. I look forward to meeting John and Donna in the near future.

  6. sean mulroy says:

    Great article 👍

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