Life is Better With Friends

Melvin and Sandy

Today is my birthday and I have received more well-wishes than I expected. I am seventy-three today. I have friends. In a way, that surprises me.

Thankfully, me wife of 51 years is my best friend. Having a life partner makes life easier for me and for most people I know. There are some who make me wonder how they are still together, or who found safety and peace in retreating into single life. I am blessed with a family that cares for me and accepts me as a unique individual. And, I am blessed with others in my face-to-face life who are friends. And then there are those who became and remain friends from the world of social media such as this couple from Montana, Melvin and Sandy.

I have never met this couple in the face-to-face world. I am certain that they would be great face-to-face friends as well. Like my wife, Sandy has had a career in the world of medicine. Like both of us, Melvin and Sandy enjoy life in the garden, outdoors. And importantly, they have a sense of humour.

Aging has this tipping point when it comes to the body. There is no escaping having your body betray you in quite a number of ways. To keep one’s sanity, it becomes necessary to accept the reality of a body that defies all the “rules” of what is beautiful. If one accepts that reality and then looks at oneself with a set of eyes that realise beauty is beneath the skin, not the skin. Body acceptance is part of the answer. Self-acceptance is the key.

I wish each of you that reads this comes to know that your best friend is yourself.

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15 Responses to Life is Better With Friends

  1. Scott Hanzelka says:

    Happy Birthday,Robert.Geat post,especially the last paragraph.

  2. Robert Payne says:

    Happy Birthday, Robert. You finally caught up with me, again. I hope we both see more years to come. I do not know Melvin and Sandy (Hi to you both), but, from what you express, it appears they would be great companions.

  3. Happy Birthday my friend. You are almost as old as I am … lol. But who’s counting anyway. Yes Melvin and Sandy are also great friends and a very hard-working fun couple who figured out long ago how to live their lives naturally.

    Mr T

  4. Melvin & Sandy says:

    Just maybe I found out where to leave a message. Happy Birth day.

  5. Ian says:

    Absolutely, great words and thoughts. Unfortunately my wife of 54 yrs is slipping away due to dementia. Bless you both!

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