A Hopeful Vision For the Future

A sunny but wet morning

It rained again, the second time in three days. As a result, our gardens got a full inch of rain and our rain barrels are full. Needless to say, the dirt trails that I walk for my free hikes are now mud. Until those trails dry out, I will be walking on gravel roads which means I will have to wear shorts.

I had mentioned previously about being an executive member of a national authors group here in Canada. I am impressed at how this group is trying to reinvent itself to meet the needs of a new generation of writers. All the old “sacred cows” of the past are being challenged. The image of being a “snobbish” national authors group is being jettisoned. The new mantra is Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion or EDI. The new Board has a gender balance and at least three BIPOC members, with the ages ranging from 30s to 70s. And no, I am not the oldest one there. I am very hopeful that I can add to this vision for the future.

My writing of the new story is coming along. I have just posted yesterday, the second chapter of that story on my Patreon site. As I mentioned previously, these chapters are not behind a paywall. There are different posts behind a paywall, especially those posts which include naturist images.

On another note, sales of my books at Amazon for the month of July are strangely at zero. I wonder if this is about it being summer and people are reading less. It has been a long time since I was “skunked” when it comes to monthly sales. I can’t remember the last time it happened. With that said, I encourage you to help me avoid that scenario. Buy one of my books and enjoy reading it by the pool or at the beach. Cheers!

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