Hay Fields Between the Hills

After this morning, this field will be avoided

Another sunny day and another walk in the hills. Two days ago I walked through this valley and through another area that had just been cut for hay. Once I had cleared this valley and was at the flats between opposing sets of hills, I saw that the other area had been baled. I am fairly certain that this area will either be baled today or tomorrow which means no naturist hiking tomorrow.

Today is the hottest day of the year so far and the energy levels have dropped come the afternoon. Since we expected this, we didn’t plan anything important in terms of outdoor tasks other than giving the vegetables and flowers in the gardens some extra water.

I have taken advantage of this indoor time to begin chapter two of the new story. I have a cool office which doesn’t need to have the air conditioner turned on. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

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7 Responses to Hay Fields Between the Hills

  1. It’s amazing to us how open and airy your hiking place is. It must be quite enjoyable to hike in a area where you can see great distances. We really don’t have any area here where we can do that. Our nude hikes are on trails through wooded areas with some times very dense vegetation, footing that can be treacherous with sharp bends in the trails as they wind around and one can never know for sure if you are about to encounter someone. However the chance encounter with someone or others adds to the joy/excitement of the hike.

  2. Robert Payne says:

    What a great place to walk. The crazy heat here (36-40C) that is occurring daily prevents one from walking or bicycling except for early morning.

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