It’s Too Hot For Clothes

At the mid-point of today’s eleven km hike

Yes, it is hot here on the Canadian prairies. I left early for my planned hike in the hills. For some reason, I packed a litre of water to take with me as I expected it to reach 30 Celsius by the time I finished my hike. I was thankful and avoided dehydration walking in full sunshine for more than two full hours. There was a lot of hill work in the hike and my legs definitely got a hard workout. Best of all, my hiking clothes didn’t get soaked with sweat as they were tucked safely away in a small backpack with the water. Tomorrow I will again go out early. The plan is for a shorter walk as it is supposed to be hotter than today.

Midway down the steep hill.

With today’s walk, I tried two extra loops on an old trail. The first followed a dirt road to reach the main grid road which farmers typically use. For a good two-hundred and fifty yards I would have been visible to any traffic travelling down the main gravel road. Because of the time of day, that road was quiet. The second loop took me down a steep hill to reach the valley plain and the edge of the golden field of canola. At the horizon is a farmyard of a family I know quite well. I didn’t worry about being seen as their house is hidden behind the trees, and they are currently enjoying some time at a lake.

My new story is coming along quite well, in my opinion. I have put up a second instalment at the Patreon site. As a result, the audio recording has slowed down. I do hope to record at least three more chapters next week which is a busy week as far as the National Writers group is concerned. Two committee meetings next week are already scheduled via Zoom. I have another project that I have begun working on, as well. I will speak more about it in the future as I learn more.

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  1. Robert Payne says:

    Be safe walking, Robert. Your new story is intriguing

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