A Tale of Disappearing Keys While Free-Hiking

Well, that was a naturist hike with a difference. I added another km to that total because of an issue. Between the start and the finish, my truck keys had fallen through a hole in my carrying sack. I had a choice to either retrace my steps or walk home where I didn’t have a second set of keys – they have been seriously misplaced. Luckily, about a half kilometre into retracing my steps, I found the truck keys on the path, just steps away from where I had taken my first photo of my free-hike. Needless to say, I will have a sewing task of repairing that hole, or better yet, having a clip for the keys to prevent any future loss through new holes.

Brown-eyed Suzy

This was the photo that had somehow provided the keys with an escape route from my little sack. Today was my longest free-hike of the year. I could have gone longer but I had other tasks I wanted to complete before the afternoon temperatures soared. I have to dead-head the roses and then search for a pair of new tires from my truck as the rear tires are in poor shape.

I have begun a new story, or should I say I have returned to a story I had begun sometime in the past. It will be a different sort of tale. I have posted the prologue to that story on my Patreon site. You can read the story as it develops without having to pay to become a patron. That said, anyone who choses to become a patron will have access to more of my work, including podcasts and other creative efforts. Most of my patron-only material will be focused on naturism in some form or other. I look forward to hearing your comments on the new story, as well as any support you might choose to give for my continued efforts.

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