Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Naked Voices Go Unheard

Unheeded voice in the wilderness

School is out for the summer on the prairies. In two days, our country will celebrate being a free, democratic country. With any luck, I will be at my first child’s home in the distant north to be with her and her husband for the long weekend. If this comes to be reality, there will be no time or opportunity to enjoy being clothing free. Canada isn’t that free. There are rules that are national, provincial, and perhaps more important, social that govern us.

As I watch the world turn while the years slip by, I see that freedom is only partial. As long as one fits in with the majority, no one cares what one does or says. Yet, that really isn’t true. There are noisy voices that cannot stand anyone being other than a clone of their beliefs and lifestyle. They want all the power and none of the responsibility. We see that in the unfolding accounts coming out of the USA with regards to the January 6th attempted coup. What to believe and what to reject? I don’t think it matters as truth is not going to disclosed on either side of the growing divide in that country.

The same is happening here in Canada. We had a “freedom convoy” that went to the nation’s capital city with the published and express purpose of taking down an elected government and replacing it with the organisers of the convoy. Their concept of freedom and freedoms lost boggles the mind, especially when the motivation is to deny the majority of Canadians their freedoms. Again, it is be like me or hit the highway. If you are too loud in your protest against us, we will threaten you with death. That is the voice of the freedom convoy as it once again makes its way to the nation’s capital.

Is the naturist community insulated or isolated from these competing visions for our North American countries? The short answer is no. In truth, we are just as divided. The only thing that we hold in common is a respect for the naked human body. The reasons for that respect are not all the same, nor should they be. That is the whole point of freedom. We don’t have to be the same, nor should any one group gain power to deny another person’s freedom.

This isn’t supposed to be a political post, but one that speaks to the complexity of being human. I don’t want power over anyone. I also don’t want anyone to have power over me. It’s that simple. I want to live as a spiritual being whose religion is nature and whose church is the Earth. We can live in peace if we want this goal.


  1. Robert Payne

    I unfortunately have seen what use to be uncommon become very common. There are a growing number of people who feel that, even if we have many things in common and we respect eachother, if we don’t have in common the same religious and political beliefs, we cannot be friends, for sure we must be enemies. It is very sad to me to see people use their mythologies to destroy others

    • skyclad

      I feel the same way. It questions the whole nature of friendships where friendships used to be able to tolerate differences.

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