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A moment of sunshine two days ago

It’s Friday morning on the Canadian prairies. It’s another grey and windy day with the temperature when I woke up at 8 Celsius. And to think that it’s the fourth day of summer according to the calendar. Brrrr!

It’s now official, I am a Director for Canadian Authors. I will find out in about two weeks just what is expected of me at the first Board meeting. Naturally, during this time of Covid, all meetings are done online via Zoom. From what I am led to believe, I will become the Regional Director for the central prairie provinces. I am still surprised that they selected me following their extensive search. Didn’t they see that I am a naturist? After all, it’s not like I have hid this blog site or my Twitter account.

More later when I know more.

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  1. Robert

    Congratulations. Apparantly they like what you have contributed.

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