Getting ready to mow the lawn with dark clouds threatening above me.

It is going to rain in a few hours according to the weather forecast. I hope to have enough time to mow the lawn which is quite shabby at this point as I have not been cutting it because of a very long dry spell. Our area has somehow missed out on the rain that has fallen outside of a twenty-five kilometre radius from the town. Perhaps today is the day.

Yesterday I went for my second massage of the year. I only had one massage last year – blame it on Covid. As always, my masseuse doesn’t require me to be draped as she works deep into my muscles. It hurts when she finds the knots, but the results are well worth the temporary pain. I have a third massage already booked for sometime in July.

Today, I am going to tackle chapter two of the audio version of the Pilgrim novel. As far as chapter one is concerned, as one listener put it, when comparing the original print version to the audio:

I found many of the differing parts in the new, audio Chapter 1 to be an improvement over the original chapter …”

However, the review did voice that there were a few instances where the changes weren’t that successful. Overall, I take it that is going well. I am still open to having a few of you also critique the audio efforts. Just let me know by some means and I will send you the nineteen minute audio file for Chapter 1 of A Small Company of Pilgrims.