Nu comme le jour où je suis né

Sunday Thinking Coming Down

Where’s the penis?

It’s Sunday morning here on the Canadian prairies. It rained a bit overnight, not enough but at least the dust has settled. The forecast is for another shower later this morning and then tonight when we are sleeping. It’s a good time for taking some time to think about things in general. For me, the thoughts are turning to this whole idea of blogging to the naturist community.

I have a dependable, but small number of followers who show their support. I guess I could call you my community of like-minded souls. In truth, you are the reason that the blog site continues to exist. I am not thinking of taking down the blog site, so don’t worry about it suddenly disappearing.

Oh, there it is!

Somehow, over the past few days, my viewer numbers skyrocketed. My typical viewer visits hover around fifty per day. On June 6th I had 122 visits, on June 7th I had 1023 visits, on June 8th there were 528 visits, and a day later there were 184 visits. At the same time, I was inundated with hordes of porn accounts following me on Twitter – I blocked and reported as usual. However, it does bother me that this is necessary. Will a few of the new visitors find something of value other than hopefully seeing my penis exposed? Hopefully yes.

I shift back and forth between creating images that aren’t so much “in your face” with my nudity, and images that say “the hell with it.” Yet regardless of which images I use, I hope that they come across as natural images, not penis focused images. After all, it’s just a normal penis and would never give me a starring role in some porn flick. I seriously can’t think of any man or woman actually getting excited seeing any of my images.

Okay, enough with the Sunday thinking. It’s time for me to make breakfast.


  1. Robert Payne

    Good Morning. What’s for breakfast? At our age, Robert, body parts are not as inticing as body health. Thanks for being around.

    • skyclad


  2. sassycoupleok

    Some of your more open-minded readers are just fine with your “the hell with it photos”.

  3. Fred (Au Natural)

    i used to vacillate between letting it all hang out and being demure about it. Very many of my followers are not nudists at all but in time I learned they are cool with fully exposed me. Have never had a single complaint.

    I try not to post shots that are simply, “Look at me. I’m naked!” but rather help to tell a story. The nude in the environment. And if they have some aesthetic value, so much the better.

    If you were to put a nude man on a pedestal and film it while it rotates, at least half the frames would show a penis. Never showing a penis in not an accident. Neither is always showing a penis.

    • skyclad

      I appreciate your contribution here, Fred. Thank you.

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