Staying close to home.

Well, so much for a third free-hike this year. The wind is gusting to more than 50 km/hr and the sun is playing peek-a-boo with most of the time spent hiding behind clouds. There was even several minutes of showers during the morning. This afternoon, the possibility of storms is growing stronger. The last thing I need is to find myself miles from nowhere where trees are strangers to the environment in a storm that could include hail. So, I stayed close to home today.

My project of turning my book, A Small Company of Pilgrims is causing me all kinds of stress and agony. In order to make it work, I find myself rewriting the story so that sentences are shorter and more concise. A few nights ago I had tried recording the first chapter at least five times with none of them working for me. I kept eliminating words or changing them in hopes that I could get a better flow. After the fifth time, I decided to rewrite the complete chapter. In the process, I think the book is becoming better. The test will come when I try to record that chapter when time allows in the next two days.

Second free hike of the year down a dirt road.

On a side note, I did get out for a second free-hike, a shorter hike of just over five kilometres. I was too tired to walk more as I had already had a good countryside walk with my wife, wearing shorts of course. Still, even though it was shorter, it was worth it. More free hikes will happen in the weeks and months to come.

Of course, my life isn’t lived always nude. I do have to go out into public. Such was the case yesterday when I travelled to the city in order to do another hearing test. I wear hearing aids and I get free annual hearing tests and hearing aid cleaning from the place I bought the hearing aids. It is what it is and I much prefer hearing what is being said, or when sitting on my deck listening to birds that seem to enjoy the water fountains and bird baths I have in the backyard.

My hearing loss wasn’t due to aging. I blame the standing on stage with big speakers flanking me while I played guitar and sang with assorted bands. I also blame the sound of my rifle made when I went target shooting or hunting. I didn’t wear protective hearing gear. I didn’t even know that such gear existed. In case you are wondering, I don’t hunt anymore. I gave my rifles to my grandsons and they repay me with occasional venison from their own hunts.