Nu comme le jour où je suis né

First Free Hike of 2022

The alfalfa field with the hills in the background

I’m a bit late with getting in my first free hike of the year and I blame it on the weather. Whenever it has been warm enough, there had been strong winds. I want to enjoy hiking au naturel, not simply do it just to say I have done it. I guess that is the guiding principle of anything and everything naturist – do it because it feels good and gives you pleasure. There are no ribbons or trophies to win by simply shedding your clothing. That said, I should get back to my naked journey of seven kilometres this morning.

I drove to the end of a dirt road and parked my small truck. I left my shorts and shirt in the truck as it was very highly unlikely that I would meet anyone once I began my hike. I opened a gate to enter an alfalfa field which would allow me to begin climbing the hills at the edge of the hay field. One of the things one needs to deal with when hiking in the prairies, is the presence of ticks. When I hike nude, I find that I rarely have an issue with ticks. As a result, I can allow my mind to relax and just enjoy being present.

Near the crest of one of the many hills

It was cool when the sun disappeared behind a cloud, a coolness accented by the breeze that reminded me that I wasn’t wearing clothing. It’s strange how one adapts to cooler temperatures much better when there is no clothing between the skin and the air. It didn’t take me long to reach the hills and climb. I scared up large jackrabbits as I climbed, descended, climbed again, and skirted little bluffs of short brush.

I watched where I placed my steps as there were scattered rocks, golfer holes that could result in a twisted ankle or worse, and cactus thorns close to the ground, thorns sharp enough and long enough to pierce the soles of running shoes. As a hiker familiar with the prairie hills, I was well aware of my steps.

Once I completed a loop of the hills, I returned to a distant point and made my way back to my truck where my shorts and shirt waited patiently. It was time to leave as the skies had turned darker and threatened at least a shower. It was a good first free hike of the year.

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  1. Robert Payne

    Nicely done. I would think mosquitoes would be out to bother you

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