On the Road Again

Grandson number 4 graduated today. Since he lives eleven hours by car from my home, it involved a full day of travel to get to his home. Yesterday it was all about a garden social with some of his classmates and their parents in my daughter’s backyard. Today, the grad ceremony took front and centre with all sorts of photos taken at the site and then in the front yard to celebrate the event and record it for posterity.

For the next week we will be touring together, first with time spent at Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Then, next Saturday, I will begin making my way back to my home on the prairies. Naturist time? Non-existent and that is more than okay with me. a full life isn’t defined by clothing or its lack. Still, if the world was different, I would enjoy more opportunities to shed my clothing. But not to worry, back home I will return to a large part of my life and my writing lived au naturel. Hopefully by then, the contributors to the “male gaze” series will have sent me their material which will provide me with a number of intriguing posts.

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  1. Robert Payne says:

    You two be safe in your travels and enjoy every minute.

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