Time Out For Grandchildren

Waiting for morning coffee to be ready.

This grandparenting gig is exhausting to say the least. And, it is a good kind of tiredness. I don’t know who gets more tired, the grandparents or the grandchildren. Yesterday we took the two littles [three and five] to a swimming pool that has so much to entertain young ones. We made multiple trips up winding staircases to quickly descend waterslides, several visits to a variety of hot pools, bouncing around in the main pool when it turned into a wave pool, and playing in the kids’ waterpark – for three-and-a-half hours. And that was just one of the day’s events. Today it is more relaxing for us as both are in playschool in the morning, with one getting an additional daycare experience for the afternoon.

With most of our time here having a forecast of rain, something we hope also happens back at our home five hours further east, this is the perfect way to spend time while waiting for summer.

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