Function versus Fashion

The last little pieces are being cut and placed in the garage. I am using scrap pieces as the “look” is irrelevant. Function is the main objective. After all, I live in a small town and it really is just a garage. And probably more important, I am a senior citizen who is frugal. One wall, a short wall, has three different materials on the wall. One section is drywall, another section is cheap panelling, and the third is 3/8 inch chipboard. It looks ugly but it does cover the insulation in the wall that has the house on the other side.

It is kind of like the issue of clothing. Humans spend so much on buying clothing that is somewhat fashionable, if not the height of fashion. Then as fashion changes, the need to spend more has people scrambling to not be left behind. Appearances are everything. For so many naturists, clothing is about function. If there is any possibility, clothing is set aside completely. Yes, there are some who keep up to fashion and that is all about their choice, not about other naturists trying to control what others do and wear.

An example of mixing fashion and function. For most beaches in North America, and quite a number in Europe and Asia, bathing suits are required. The idea of not wearing anything would be counter productive. Since we are not wanting to have significant tan lines, there is the option of tan-through swim wear that meets the regulations. Again, it is all about function.

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  1. Robert Payne says:

    Function is the way I now go. When we use to travel, there was first a buying spree, then panic of how to pack, then lugging bags all about. Once home we see that only a third of what we took were ever worn.

    We do much better now. I very much enjoyed my speedos on our many Mexico beach trips. Haven’t been in years. I would love to travel more to destinations that prefer less clothing. Maybe someday

    • skyclad says:

      Maybe someday that place will be close enough to home. Bends in a river, coves along a mostly quiet lake, small meadows in a wilderness area, a dusty trail at the end of a gravel road …. the possibilities are there.

  2. Making use of what is available to you is just good common sense and as you said “it will function just fine”. The function of swim wear over the years was to preserve modesty of the wearer. Today’s swimwear actually does little of that many times and actually sexualizes the wearer. We have tried tan ‘through swim wear and the material it is made from was not conducive to comfort although it did function somewhat as intended. The reality is we nudists know that bare skin provides the best function of all.

    T & K

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