Just Another Ordinary Day

As usual, I began the day with coffee. I have to admit that I am addicted to coffee for the morning. Though it froze last night, once the sun hit the corner by my garden shed, the temperature was bearable. With coffee and then breakfast done in this corner, it was time for me to get to work on my various projects.

First up was to take the bedding plants out of the garage and place them on the pathway in the backyard so that they could get some sunshine and toughen up with passing breezes and cool weather. Next, it was time to go back into the garage and do some more work on the rough renovations which include a counter and new shelving for my wife’s use.

Gluing a corner of the cabinet’s laminate top

I still have a partial wall to finish by the cabinet and another wall to finish going to the overhead garage door. Later in the afternoon, weather permitting, my wife and I will go for another walk into the countryside. That walk, unlike my other projects, is not clothing optional.

On a final note: I have sold my first book for May. This means books have been sold every month this year via Amazon. And with that, I sign off to get back to work on my projects.

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