WNGD in Montana

Melvin and Sandy wrote to me today in response to my WNGD post and the work I have done rescuing old posts, some of which featured them. Like me, WNGD is a season, not a day.

Like you we had to take advantage of the nice day on Thursday it was 72F degrees. Sandy worked on her rock garden outside the privacy fence most of the day. I had spent time in the backyard removing winter killed raspberry plants out of the raised bed. Like you also every day is WNGD around here.”

Unlike Melvin and Sandy, we don’t have raised beds. But like them, we do our own tilling. Melvin mentions, “I bought an electric tiller which works great can get right along the edges. Not sure what will be planted in the bed yet.”

Gardening in Northern USA and on the prairies is often the same. Gardening begins before the frosts and snow leave. Both of our households begin gardening in the house. Here is what Melvin had to share. “We got tomatoes and squash started end of April so have begun hardening them off with any luck the last froze date is May 19. Not sure that will happen it was 38 degrees this morning with some rain which we need.”

Welcome to the world of senior gardening between friends.

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  1. Robert Payne says:

    I tried my hand at vegetable gardening. Never really had much luck. Maybe because I have never done it nude. Now, I am successful with flowers and plants on the patio. I have some plants that are over 40 years old. They spend the summer outside and the winter in the garage. And. Yes. I tend to the patio plants nude.

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