WNGD May 2022

Today is my WNGD contribution. The forecast isn’t the best for Saturday, so I decided to turn the garden with my small tiller today. It was a six-hour task to turn the garden making sure that the mulch was well blended. A bit of the garden was still wet and will have to wait for a while. That part of the garden will be planted in potatoes so it isn’t as critical to till it according to my wife who plans what goes where in the garden. Of course, this isn’t my only naked gardening day. Typically, every day that I work in the garden is a naked gardening day.

We have been putting all of our potato and carrot peelings, apple cores, and all sorts of vegetable discards into the garden for many years. The soil likes the gift of mulch. Tilling the mulch in helps the mass breakdown much quicker that trying to use mulch structures that give garden-ready soil.

Most people we know don’t use their kitchen clippings for the garden. Some put it in special bins for some distant mulch production. Most just put it in the garbage. There is a curious distancing from the “garbage.” It is better and more psychologically acceptable to buy chemical fertilizer. It somehow feels “cleaner” for them. I accept that they have their own ways with their own rationale. I am not into trying to control others and make judgements. For me it is all about living what I believe is right for me. And in the garden, that means homemade compost mulch. And in terms of clothing, it means gardening nude.

How do you garden? Do you garden?